He Must Have Had Family On The Selection Committee: Dermot Reeve On Sledging Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former England cricketer Dermot Reeve recalled his moment when he sledged Rahul Dravid during their playing days. Rahul Dravid is regarded as one of the greatest Test batsmen in the world and he was also called ‘The Wall‘ for his absolutely classic defensive game.

Rahul Dravid was the Wall of India: Dermot Reeve

Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid (Image Credit: Twitter)

Reeve, who just played three Test matches and 29 ODIs for England in his short career, opened up on troubling Dravid when he came in to bat.

“He was the Wall of India. He told me, ‘You are the only person who has knocked that wall down. You gave me so much stick, I ended up going after one and getting caught. You’re the only person who’s ever got under my skin’,” Reeve told The Daily Mail.

Dermot Reeve
Dermot Reeve, Credits: Twitter

“How did this guy ever play for India? He must have had family on the selection committee. He hasn’t got any shots. He just blocks it. I went on and on. And he got out. Things like that made me very disliked. But I wasn’t out there to make friends. We were there to win matches,” he added.

The energy between myself and Brian Lara wasn’t right: Dermot Reeve

Reeve played with former West Indies captain Brian Lara for County Club Warwickshire and also mentioned an incident about a rumour that was spread between the two players.

“Despite winning three trophies, it was possibly the most unenjoyable season I ever had. The energy between myself and Lara wasn’t right for the whole season. I believe his agent told him I didn’t want him, so he arrived with a chip on his shoulder,” Reave said.

Reeve retired from all forms of cricket in 1998 and has played various roles in coaching, one of them includes being the head coach of the Central Districts team in New Zealand till 2010.

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