How Can Cricket Attract New Fans Worldwide?

How Can Cricket Attract New Fans Worldwide?
How Can Cricket Attract New Fans Worldwide?

The sport of cricket is one that continues to thrive and do well in some countries around the world. However, the sport is very popular in some countries, and then not popular at all in others.

This isn’t determined by continent either, England does well in Europe, South Africa are strong, we have many good teams in Asia and of course Australia and New Zealand are strong too.

But what about those countries that don’t have a strong Test playing nation, how can cricket attract fans from those countries, without them having a team to follow? The key here is to get them watching cricket at the highest level, the IPL tournament for example, to show them how good the sport can be to watch, even as a neutral.

Ways to Attract New Cricket Fans

There are a number of ways in which cricket can attract new fans to the sport, and some of these may have to come from outside of the box thinking. One way in which cricket fans could be attracted is by entering other industries and creating cricket based options for players.

One option here is casino gaming, there are cricket casino games already available, and with more, these should get in front of people looking to learn more about the sport. Casinos are always looking for something new and exciting to attract players to their site, and games play a big part in that, so those listed on this Luckydice casino list will be interested in taking more games, especially with popular themes like cricket.

Alternatively, cricket could look at the TV deals that are in place in these countries. For areas where cricket is popular, being behind a TV paywall is fine, but when you are trying to attract new fans in a non-traditional market, whether it is on TV or via streaming, the game needs to be free to air in a bid to attract more people.

Improving Smaller Cricket Playing Nations

The areas where these kinds of ideas could work are likely to be those where cricket does take place, but on a very small level. This means that part of the plan should be to improve cricket in those nations, because the higher the standard of their national team, the more likely people are to watch.

In recent years, both Ireland and Afghanistan have become Test playing nations and that has grown the interest in their country considerably. These teams still have a lot to learn but are now able to compete against some of the biggest teams in the world and welcome them for games in front of fans.

The number of teams that play high level cricket has always been a problem for the sport, and while it is not the only answer to help the game grow, it can certainly play its part. Investment in smaller playing nations can help them, and bring them through to become involved in the game at the higher levels.

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