How Cricket Players Can Support Responsible Gambling?

How Cricket Players Can Support Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is extremely important and it can make a massive difference. With the help of it, players can enjoy online gambling more but also safer. If you know that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, you can see an interesting link here. Professional cricket players can really promote responsible gambling to the highest levels. Below, we have a few options they can achieve.

Support GamStop

The first and the most effective we can even say the most successful method is to support GamStop. This is a platform that eliminates online gambling for all players who use it. All you need to do is to create the account on the platform and you are done. All casinos and betting sites that are inside the network will become unavailable for you for a selected period of time. That time frame can be 6 months, 1, or 5 years. After it is done, players will be able to gamble once again.

GamStop is available only to United Kingdom users. It is mandatory to feature at all casino and betting sites that have the United Kingdom Gambling Commission licence. Also, it is quite important to share the information about NonStopCasino bookies that aren’t on GamStop self-exclusion and don’t follow the UKGC rules. You can see the logo at the bottom of the homepage on all sites. Keep in mind that this platform isn’t available for users outside the UK. If you are one of those users, you should find a supported platform or use another method.

GamStop is already a known platform for this purpose. However, promoting it will make a massive difference. Many more gamblers will understand the platform, what it is and how it operates. Add the fact this will be done by their idols and we can see the advantage which is stunning. There are countless options professional cricket players can support GamStop. They can advertise it, promote it on social media and so much more. All of these methods are effective and can be very important.

Spread Responsible Gambling Messages

This is a simple method and honestly, one all players should use on a regular basis. All cricket players should do is promote a responsible gambling message. The best options are to do this in the real world and also on social media. These days, professional cricket players have billions of followers so just one message about responsible gambling will reach all of them instantly. Of course, these are just a few examples. In the real case scenario, we can see many more options that are all easy, simple but effective.

Responsible gambling is something all gamblers and bettors must use at all times. It has a positive effect on their hobby, on their lives, and also on the casinos and betting establishments. On the other hand, there are no issues or drawbacks of gambling responsibly. You can even see that all casinos are doing the same. They have a dedicated page on the homepage which is usually in the footer of the page. For UK casinos, this is mandatory.

The Decline of Gambling Advertisement

Players believe what they see and hear. As such, here we have another example of how professional cricket players can help ordinary gamblers. If they decline gambling advertisements, gamblers will see this as a way to focus more on gambling in detail. Also, gamblers who are prone to gambling addiction won’t end up with it simply because they won’t gamble.

In the lack of a better word, this means that gambling advertisements will be less common. They will also be less-targeted to people who are more likely to gamble such as sports fans. Gambling advertisements should be done by casinos and betting sites and that’s it. They already have a lot of success with this matter and they are having more players than we can mention.


If we use the help of cricket players, we can decrease the gambling addiction issue. This is a huge deal and something you need to take into account starting now. There are no downsides of this option and all players will still be paid and even help gamblers. The best part is that each cricket player can use all of the methods we have listed above at the same time. They are all effective and all are simple.


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