"I Am The Victim Of A Premeditated Witch-hunt" - Manu Sawney On His Allegations

“I Am The Victim Of A Premeditated Witch-hunt” – Manu Sawney On His Allegations

The CEO of the International Cricket Council Manu Sawney has been charged with misconduct and was subsequently suspended until the investigation is complete. This is a big blow to his reputation and he was charged with four allegations on March 9 which led to his suspension.

Off late, he has been trying to prove that there hasn’t been any investigation done on the allegations and he is very assured that the probe that has been initiated against him is nothing but “scandal”. He has already worked as the managing director of ESPN Star Sports in the past and was also the CEO of Sports Hub Pvt. Ltd.

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Manu Sawney Feels The Investigation Haven’t been Fair

Manu Sawney was very clear that he has become the victim of the premeditated witch hunt and he also pointed out that he has been refused from getting a proper hearing. He added that the ICC internal policies haven’t been taken into consideration which might sound like a big statement too.

“It is abundantly clear to me, as it would be to any reasonable person or bystander, that I am the victim of a premeditated witch-hunt. All pretence at undertaking a fair process or giving me a fair hearing has been completely abandoned. There has been no attempt to comply with the ICC’s internal policies or even basic principles of natural justice,” said Manu Sawney in response to the allegations.

"I Am The Victim Of A Premeditated Witch-hunt" - Manu Sawney On His Allegations

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Manu Sawney Claims The Situation To Be A Scandal

Manu Sawney notified that the allegations on him haven’t been investigated enough if it is really true and he also revealed that he could even lose his reputation post this scenario. He claimed the whole situation to be nothing but a scandal.

“These allegations have been based completely on anonymous statements which no one has made any attempt to verify or investigate. On the basis of our bullet points, I could potentially lose my livelihood and my reputation. Frankly, the whole situation is nothing short of a sandal,” he added.

Manu Sawhney
ICC CEO, Manu Sawhney. Image-ICC

Manu Sawney is also looking to keep his achievements with the ICC in stock and he doesn’t want to lose it.