I Couldn’t Care Less: Tim Paine On The Criticism Following Test Series Defeat Against India

I Couldn’t Care Less: Tim Paine On The Criticism Following Test Series Defeat Against India

Tim Paine, Australia
Tim Paine [Image Credit: Getty]

Australian Test captain Tim Paine has said that he couldn’t care less about the criticism that has come his way in the wake of Team India’s historic Test series win Down Under last month.

Tim Paine came under fire for his on-field, tactics and lackluster wicketkeeping that saw him drop multiple chances on the fifth day of the Sydney and Brisbane Test. Following the series defeat, a section of Australian cricket fans, as well as a few former cricketers, called for Tim Paine to relinquish his leadership duties.

However, the Tasmanian stumper is set to continue in his role after he received full backing from Cricket Australia. And, as far as criticism from his detractors is concerned, Paine can’t care less as the only thing that matters to him is the feedback from his fellow teammates, which according to him, has been positive.

“I was OK. I knew it (criticism) was going to come. It’s part and parcel of this job, and I have seen it through a number of captains before. I know most of it is a critique of me as a cricketer and a captain, and I am fine with that. As long as it’s not personal, then, to be honest, I couldn’t care less. All that worries me is what my teammates think, and the feedback from them is that I have been doing a good job,” Tim Paine told RSN.


‘I’m certainly not perfect’- Tim Paine

Tim Paine
Tim Paine [Image Credit: Getty]
Paine accepted that he made a few mistakes as far as field placements and the manner in which he used his bowlers is concerned. The Australian Test skipper revealed how he dwelled on things that he could have done better after the defeat in the Brisbane Test.

He added that he had noted down a few things that he can improve on in future assignments.

“You are always looking for ways to get better. I’m certainly not perfect; I make mistakes in terms of field placements when we use bowlers … but every captain around the world has worn that at some point in time,” Tim Paine said.“Then I like to draw a line in it, write those things down where I can improve or where I have made mistakes, and then move on. I’m not dwelling on it now; I was for a few days. You have to own up to the mistakes you made, and we did that,” Tim Paine signed off.

With Austalia’s Test tour of South Africa postponed due to Covid-19, Tim Paine now has an extended time away from the game to dwell on things he could have done better against India. If Australia does not schedule any Test series in upcoming months then it is certain that the next time Paine dons his baggy green, it will be the first Ashes Test on home soil later this year.

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