I'm Not Looking For Compensation, I Want Justice, Says Indian-Origin Fan After Facing Racism At The SCG

I’m Not Looking For Compensation, I Want Justice, Says Indian-Origin Fan After Facing Racism At The SCG

India, England
India (Credits: Twitter)

Not only the Indian players but the Indian-origin fans also faced racism during third Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), a fan has claimed. The allegations from the fan named Krishna Kumar is now being investigated by SCG officials. On day three and four of the game, the likes of Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah faced abuse from a section of the crowd.

Reports also stated that skipper Ajinkya Rahane faced the unpleasant situation too. Team India had also lodged a complaint after the conclusion of day three’s action. Later on day four, play was halted for 10 minutes after Siraj complained again and police had to be called in. It was followed by the eviction of six spectators from the ground.

Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj talking to the officials after the incident. (Photo: Twitter)

And amidst all these, Krishna Kumar has revealed how he was discriminated against too at the venue. Kumar, who attended three days (Day 2, 3 and 5) of the third Test, has informed Venues NSW that he was focused after trying to carry 4 banners on the final day of the Test match. Written on paper roll, they mentioned: “Rivalry is good, racism is not”, “No racism mate”, “Brown inclusion matters” and “Cricket Australia more diversity please”.

However, a security official requested him to go away, he has told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“He told me, ‘If you need to address this matter, go back to where you belong,” Krishna Kumar mentioned. “It was a very small banner. I made it out of my kids’ paper roll.”

Krishna Kumar further added that the identical official then advised extra junior guards to “give him a complete frisking when he gets back”. After having to empty out his bag in a prolonged test and being shouted at aggressively by the guards he was ordered by a metallic detector. The authorities were not done yet. When Kumar finally took his seat, extra security was added to the world. Not only that, the also included a female guard of Indian origin to observe, he believes, if he was “using any other language”.

“To me this a pure case of profiling,” said Krishna Kumar. “They changed their entire formation so the guy next to the boundary is standing right in front of me and facing me.”

Nathan Lyon, Ajinkya Rahane,Shane Warne
Ajinkya Rahane [Photo-Twitter]
Kumar further said that he was not looking for any compensation but wants justice after the unpleasant experience. He expressed his shock over being stopped from addressing racism as he said the experience made him feel stripped and watched.

“I’m not looking for compensation, I’m not looking for free tickets, I’m not looking for a membership. I want justice. I want accountability. I was feeling stripped, feeling watched and I went there to fight racism. Why ought to I be stopped from addressing racism, particularly at a floor the place it was debatable whether or not it was taking place or not?” said Krishna Kumar.

“Forget whoever you’re supporting. I thought it was important as a cricket fan and as a responsible citizen to basically stand up against racism. My wife is Australian, my boys are Australian, my friends are all Australians. I’ve been to the MCG, I’ve been to the T20 Women’s World Cup. I’ve never been abused or racially attacked,” he added.

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