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Former England captain Michael Vaughan slammed the opener, Dom Sibley, for not adapting to international standards and feels England should look far ahead of him. The 25-year-old Dom Sibley has a different technique that has been effective on very few occasions and has scored just two centuries so far in 21 Tests already.

More than the performances, he has looked pretty ordinary while being dismissed and the plan was set for him in the Lord’s Test as well. Sibley who has relied on scoring most of his runs on the leg side was given a strong leg-side catching field by Virat Kohli and the trap worked for the second time in the series already. His limited range of strokes on the offside has been hampering England to a great extent.

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India won’t Bother If Dom Sibley Is Still At The Crease, Feels Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan mentioned that he has reached the epitome of waiting to see Dom Sibley change his batting approach and noted about his presence in the crease not being felt by the Indian team. He added that Sibley has got enough opportunities to prove that he isn’t good enough at the international level.

“Dom Sibley looks like he has reached his ceiling. He has reached his ability level at this level. India won’t lose one ounce of sleep if they see Dom Sibley on a scorecard. Sometimes, you have got players you give a lot of opportunities, you find out that ultimately they may not be good enough at this level,” Michael Vaughan said.

India vs England 2021: Michael Vaughan Reacts To Dom Sibley's Inability To Perform At The Highest Level
Dom Sibley. (Credits: Twitter)

“This England Set-up Is Becoming Too Reactionary And Not Proactive” – Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan felt that the England management set up has been giving a lot of opportunities to the same players which in fact has backfired them. He noted that England should have been proactive rather than reacting after the player has lost his way completely. He added that the management should be able to decide a player if he can perform at the international level consistently.

“I think this management and this England set-up is becoming too reactionary and not proactive in terms of selection. I think they wait and wait and wait for almost a player to dig a hole for themselves. Your role as a management and selection unit is to be ahead of the trend, ahead of the game.

International, high-level sports is about being ruthless. It’s about knowing exactly when you have played someone, you have seen someone for a period of time that you know that he can’t get any better,” Vaughan added.

India vs England 2021: Michael Vaughan Reacts To Dom Sibley's Inability To Perform At The Highest Level
Dom Sibley. (Credits: Twitter)

Dom Sibley needs a big score definitely in the second innings to hold on to his spot for the next test.