India vs England 2020: ICC Will Look 'Toothless' If They Allow India To Get Away With Whatever They Produce- Michael Vaughan

India vs England 2020: ICC Will Look ‘Toothless’ If They Allow India To Get Away With Whatever They Produce- Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan. (Image-Twitter.)

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has said that the ICC will look ‘toothless’ till the time it allows ‘peaceful’ countries like India to produce pitches as they have in the last two Test.

The nature of pitches dished out in the last two Tests has been a topic of discussion, especially among the English press and its former cricketers, with the surface aiding spinners from the first session itself.

England were hammered by 317 runs in the second Test on a raging turner and Michael Vaughan was among the whole host of ex-cricketers who had come down hard on the pitch. Vaughan had described the 2nd Test pitch as a ‘beach’.

Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni
Team India won by 10 wickets [Image-BCCI]
The controversy regarding the pitched reached its zenith in the recently concluded third Test at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad as it turned out to be the shortest Test match since the second World War with as many as 30 wickets falling in five sessions.

“The longer powerful countries like India are allowed to get away with it the more toothless the ICC will look,” Michael Vaughan wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“The governing body are allowing India to produce whatever they wish and it is Test cricket that is getting hurt,” he said while expressing his displeasure with the BCCI.

Vaughan further reckoned that the change in nature of tracks might come it the broadcasters ask for refunds.

“Perhaps it will take broadcasters to ask for refunds for things to change. They accept Test finishing early because the players are not good enough but not when home boards produce such poor pitches,” he added.

“They are left with three blank days but are still having to pay for production. They will not be happy and might think twice about good money for Test rights,” Vaughan said.

Michael Vaughan, ICC, India
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The former England captain admitted that India were clearly the better team in Ahmedabad but their victory is ‘shallow’ given the fact that it has come on such an ‘awful’ surface.

“India won the third Test but it was shallow victory. In fact, there was no winners from that game at all,” Vaughan started his column with these words.

“Yet, India showed their skill. We are not being fair if we do not accept that their skill levels in those conditions are far better than England’s. But the good of the game needs to be looked at and as ex-players it is our duty to call it out,” Vaughan wrote.

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