IPL trophy
IPL trophy (Image Credit: Twitter)

Public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed by Advocate Vandana Shah in Bombay High Court seeking damages from BCCI to use towards procuring medical requirements for Covid-19. Few hours after the petition was filed, BCCI decided to suspend the 2021 IPL indefinitely as a number of cricketers started testing positive for the virus.

This has also put a big question mark on the T20 world cup in India in October month, with the number of cases rising every day. The situation in India is really worse and the countries have started to ban passengers traveling from India. Almost, 3.5 lakh cases are registered daily in India which is itself a record for any country. Covid-19 entered the bio bubble in IPL and once, cricketers started testing positive, BCCI suspended the tournament.

BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah
BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah (Image Credit: Twitter)

BCCI Accused Of Conducting Tournament In Tough Times

Advocate Vandana Shaw mentioned that BCCI must be responsible for taking the risk of conducting IPL in these tough pandemic times. She added that despite the bio bubble, the possibility of virus spreading is really higher and she questioned the decision if IPL has to be held now necessarily. She is also seeking the BCCI to pay Rs.1000 crore as damages

 “The BCCI should be held responsible for conducting a tournament in such sensitive times. The petition said even though the IPL players and staff are in the bio-bubble, the possibility of getting infected by coronavirus cannot be ruled out and in such a situation, the spread would be higher as players do not follow the social distancing norms.” Advocate Vandana Shah said in her plea

BCCI logo
BCCI logo (Photo- PTI)

Vandana Shah Questions The Necessity Of IPL

Advocate Vandana Shah mentioned the emergency period India is going through and with the cricketers testing positive for coronavirus, it was bound that the tournament is needless at the moment. She mentioned about other countries helping out India by supplying oxygen in the petition.

“Is IPL an essential service? I am also seeking a direction to the BCCI to pay Rs 1,000 crore as damages and also make donations from their profit to hospitals treating COVID-19 patients” she added

“From April 14 till April 27 India is almost in a state of internal emergency and some cricketers have also tested positive for coronavirus. Seemingly, Australia has asked their cricketers to be sent home. Some have already returned. In India, cases have reached an earth-shattering record of 3.4 lakhs a day. Other countries have to rush to supply oxygen and other medical supplies to India.” the Petition mentioned

BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly
BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly (Image Credit: Twitter)

BCCI has taken the right decision to suspend the IPL 2021 after a number of players have tested positive for coronavirus an