IPL 2022 Won't be a 10-Team Affair; BCCI Wants Just One Franchise: Reports

IPL 2022 Won’t be a 10-Team Affair; BCCI Wants Just One Franchise: Reports

IPL 2021 Final Date Confirmed By BCCI
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IPL 2022 was expected to be a 10 team tournament after the AGM in December. However, the BCCI’s plans to introduce two teams in the near future may take time and it might not happen now according to reports. The news comes as a surprise after all the drama that has been going around the 10-team IPL 2022 and BCCI’s change in plans is believed to be due to a number of reasons especially business oriented reasons.

IPL 2022
IPL 2022; image credits:[AFP]
The main idea behind the move to introduce two new franchisees was the popularity of the tournament in India and longer the tournament goes on, the revenue is also estimated to go high. Though the structure of 10-team Indian Premier League is highly complicated with the 94 matches scheduling but the possibility still remains intact and it might take place in the future.

Nine-team IPL 2022 looks more feasible:

Simultaneously bid may have a cap on the upper limit of the proposed bids if it allows maximum value for each franchise and therefore a nine-team IPL would give the better estimate needed to gather for the 10 team tournament in the future. A nine-team IPL comprising of 74 games is also more feasible at the moment and looks more comfortable as per BCCI.

IPL 2022
IPL 2022; image credits :[BCCI]
Only two seasons are left before the IPL rights cycle changes and hence an introduction of a 10th team might not help the structure now. The existing setup has been built in the right way and BCCI doesn’t want to mess it up at present.

The Industry Executive have welcomed BCCI’s change of plans quoting, “All said, it’s a well-thought move. The BCCI will clearly benefit in the short and long run because it’ll derive better value from the 10th franchise in the future, doesn’t really disturb the ecosystem, for now, buys them more time to put their own house in order.

He also added that “The idea is also to maintain the quality of the tournament, which means ensuring quality cricketers are available to make for a 10-team pool. Now, is that the case? The ecosystem can only expand in line with talent and manpower. That balance has to exist.

Now, all eyes will be on BCCI’s official confirmation for the same. It is to be noted that the BCCI has not officially given confirmation to all the rumours going around.