'Is it IPL's responsibility to develop all-rounders?' - Arun Dhumal's sharp take on Impact Player rule amid criticism

Updated - 25 May 2024, 07:29 PM

Arun Dhumal and Jay Shah
Arun Dhumal and Jay Shah (Credits: X)

Indian Premier League chairman Arun Dhumal has shed light on the widely talked about topic of the Impact Player rule hampering the role of the all-rounders. 

The Impact Player rule was introduced in IPL 2023 with the aim of making the game even more exciting and much more open for the players. It allowed teams to utilize an extra player which has at times worked for certain teams and it hasn't worked out quite well for other teams. Last season many of us thought that the rule had life to it. 

However, by the second season of the rule's implementation, important names started to voice their opinion against the Impact Player substitution. Indian captain Rohit Sharma had made it very clear that he is not a fan of the rule while Virat Kohli was also vocal about his thought. Amid all the comments against the rule, Arun Dhumal spoke in depth about BCCI's plan with it.

Arun Dhumal asks if IPL is the only avenue for the development of All-rounders 

While speaking exclusively to Revsportz on the eve of the IPL 2024 finale, Arun Dhumal lashed out on the questions against the Impact Player Rule. On the subject of the Impact Player rule restricting the role of All-rounders in the T20 game, Dhumal had a no-nonsense claim that might be the best answer he could have given. 

Arun Dhumal asked if IPL is the only avenue or if it is solely the tournament's responsibility to develop the all-rounders. He reminded everyone that the BCCI conducts 2,000+ tournaments in a year where players from all age groups from U-15 to U-19 get the chance to nourish their all-round skills. 

Domestic tournaments like the Vijay Hazare trophy and the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy are meant for the development of all departmental players. And if any player really wants to break out as an all-rounder, then he must have his benchmark very high to be a part of the team. 

"Is the responsibility of developing all-rounders (lies) only on this tournament. The BCCI is conducting more than 2,000 cricket matches in a year, where the players get the opportunities to showcase their talent. The Vijay Hazare Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, U-16, U-19."  

"There are so many tournaments. And if you see, all the best all-rounders are still part of the team. So, you have to raise your benchmark as an all-rounder to be part of the team," Arun Dhumal said via Revsportz. 

Dhumal waiting for the stakeholders' response regarding the abolishment of the Impact Player rule

When asked about the future of the Impact player sub, Arun Dhumal confirmed that they will take the feedback of the franchise owners. Whatever works out the best for the players and the teams in the Indian Premier League, will take place accordingly.

"That we will discuss with all the stakeholders. Will see their feedback and point of views also. And what works best for the tournament, in the interest of the players and franchises, we will do that. In the larger interest of the game, whatever is best for the tournament, we will do that," Arun Dhumal concluded. 


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