India’s frontline Test bowler, Ishant Sharma recently visited Bennett University in Greater Noida for a purpose of cricket workshop.

The lanky fast-bowler Ishant shared fitness mantra, swinging tips and other vital knowledge of the game besides multiple challenges for being a speedster.

Ishant Sharma
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The first advice which Ishant Sharma did to the future stars proved to be vital for the promising youngsters,

“You should never be afraid to make mistakes because one learns from mistakes,” Ishant maintained.


“This was in answer to one of the students asking, If you make mistakes on the field, how do you cope with them?” he remarked.

In a question and answer session which Ishant Sharma faced, one of the students asked him how would one superficially differentiate between Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni to which Ishant responded.

“Mahi calm hain aur Kohli aggressive hai, yehi difference hai.”

While interacting with the TOI, Vihesh Raidu, as second-year student described the presence of Ishant a beneficial for him and his friends. He threw the light on some of the teachings of Ishant.

“It was a great session for young players like us. I play cricket and his tips would help us a lot. He told us about the temperament that one needs to have while playing and that it is very important to have self-belief,” Raidu stated.

Ishant showered praises on the hardworking students and services made available by the University management. He said he would love to come back to the University any day and would love to throw light on the remaining subject owing to cricket.

“This is the first time that I have come to any university. It is a great university, quite big. I am talking from a cricketer’s point of view and universities like these are perfect training grounds for cricketers. I would love to come back here. Cricket has given me a lot and I want to share my experience with upcoming cricketers,” Ishant said while interacting with the media.

Delhi-based cricketer Ishant Sharma particularly focused on the aspect of fitness issues and issued an advisory to the growing buds.

Ishant said, “It is very important for schools, colleges, and universities to organize fitness workshops for students. When I was in school, no cricketer ever visited our institute. But it’s important that aspiring cricketers get to interact with players they idolize.” 


“Cricket is a very popular game, but it can get stressful for aspiring players. Parents often put a lot of pressure on youngsters to pursue the game and excel in it. And make it to the Indian Premier League (IPL), if not the national side. So from a young age, cricketers should learn to handle stress,” Ishant concluded.

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