Jarvo 69 and Jonny Bairstow at the Oval. Photo- Getty
Jarvo 69 and Jonny Bairstow at the Oval. Photo- Getty

Last Update on: October 18th, 2021 at 10:38 am

Daniel Jarvis, famously known as Jarvo 69 in the internet world, was back in headlines to invade the pitch.

But wait, this time, it is not a cricket stadium but a football ground; the mischievous YouTuber crashed the gates during a National Football League match.

Jarvo 69 invaded pitch in a NFL match

On Sunday, Jarvo 69 breached the security once again while Jacksonville Jaguars were playing against Miami Dolphins at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London.

Fans posted a video on social media moments later, the pitch invader disrupted the match and once again, he was in the limelight of the public.

Daniel Jarvis aka Jarvo 69, invaded the pitch at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium during a NFL match on Sunday. Credits: Twitter

Yorkshire Cricket suspends Jarvo69

Jarvo 69 claims to be a fan of Team India in cricket, and not once but thrice, he was seen breaching the England security during the Test series between England and India, which is yet to draw a result.

Jarvo 69 ran into  England batsman Jonny Bairstow at the non-striker’s end as the prankster bowled in the middle of the match on the second day of the Oval Test.

He was subsequently arrested for this infamous act.

Jarvo 69 Arrested For Assault
Jarvo 69 Arrested For Assault. Image Credits: Twitter

During the Headingley Test, Jarvis walked onto the pitch in batting gear and took the guard near the pitch before he was removed by the security guards from the stadium.

Further, Yorkshire Cricket and County Club (YCCC) slapped the notorious YouTuber with a lifetime ban from attending matches.

“Our policy is to eject immediately and issue a lifetime ban. We also refer to the ECB for them to share with all other venues for consistency,” YCCC director of operations Sam Hinchliffe had told Indian Express.

“Any pitch invasion is completely unacceptable. The ECB and our host venues do not tolerate any behaviour which risks the safety of players, officials and staff. The ECB works closely with all our venues to share information and enhance their security operation,” England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) issued a statement.

Jacksonville Jaguars beat Miami Dolphins 23-20 in a thrilling encounter on Sunday.

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