Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has come up with a new suggestion of awarding 12 runs to the players who hit sixes beyond 100 meters in T20 cricket. He brought out his suggestion through his post on Twitter and he has always been a person that comes up with new ideologies.

This might be a very difficult change to makes as the tradition of maximums has been six runs ever since the game was introduced and the constant change has been the reduction of the number of overs.

The new ‘Hundred’ is set to be launched in the coming days in which only 100 balls will be bowled per innings. A lot of changes do occur in the game to improve the entertainment aspect of the game.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen (Credits: Getty)

Kevin Pietersen Receives Cheeky Comments From The Fans

Kevin Pietersen’s idea of awarding the player with 12 runs if he hits a six over 100metres did prove to be an exciting post on Twitter. He received replies suggesting two wickets for deliveries that uproot the stumps. He also received another comment suggesting that the idea would provide a distinct advantage to the West Indies players who are strongly built and used to hitting sixes over 100 metres.

“I want an addition to the rules in T20 cricket! Or, @englandcricket can do it in the 100. If a player hits a 6 that goes over 100m, I want a 12 awarded! @ICC,” Posted Kevin Pietersen On Twitter.

Latest Fascinating Changes In The Game

The latest fascinating changes in the game have been the introduction of the Hundred tournament by the English cricket board which comprises only 100 balls per innings and the tournament is set to get underway in a few days time.

Also, the Big Bash League 2020-2021 saw three changes added to the rule book, and it was the rule to split the powerplay, losing team gaining points still and wise usage of substitute fielder.

Such has been the rapid development of the game and the fans are looking forward to seeing a lot of changes which keeps the excitement going around the game still.