Massive Brawl Between Players Abandons Charity Cricket Match In Kent

Massive Brawl Between Players Abandons Charity Cricket Match In Kent

Brawl in Kent
Brawl in Kent.

It wasn’t a good scene for the cricket fans as a massive brawl happened between the players on the field in a charity cricket match in Kent on Sunday and the match eventually had to be abandoned. It is one of the rarest sights of cricketers entering the rage form as the game has often been called the gentlemen’s.

The players have often maintained respect on the field for the players and apart from spats, and words, nothing has got into players touching each other, but this scene would certainly be a shame. The spectators were bewildered by what was going through the field and once can only hope, that this doesn’t happen again in a cricket match.

Kent Brawl
Kent Brawl [photo: Twitter]

Cricket Followers Disrupted By The Incident

It wasn’t the ideal place for cricket followers to be in to see such an act going around in the ground and it did take just a few seconds for the place to get heated up. A video of the brawl which took place in the Mote Park cricket club in Maidstone was shared on Twitter and it wasn’t the smallest thing to digest.

The brawl had started off an argument over a single run and it ended up involving some spectators coming into the ground to cut down the brawl. It worsened up as time progressed and even the cricket bats were used as a tool to attack the players which was the most disheartening scene in the video. A lot of families who have come to watch the charity match have been shocked by the incident and their uttering voices were heard in the video.

Ben Stokes’s Brawl Incident in 2017

The incident certainly recalled one of the best all-rounders in the world, Ben Stokes who was arrested for involving in a street brawl at the bar. It was revealed that he was drunk and he hit a man who had become unconscious. Stokes was removed from the England squad due to the reasons and he had to wait until he came out legally.

England cricket team
Ben Stokes[photo: Twitter]
Luckily, he found himself in the England squad in a few month’s time and has won the World cup 2019 for England already on his own.