Megan Schutt, Tahlia McGrath
Megan Schutt, Tahlia McGrath. (Photo: Twitter)

The Indian women’s cricket team once again had stage fright and lost to powerhouse Australia by nine runs in the Commonwealth Games gold medal game on Sunday.

With some questionable strategy decisions and even worse shot choices, the “Women in Blue” lost the mental game as well as the final five wickets for 13 runs.

Although Tahlia McGrath had Covid-19, several Indian supporters questioned her participation in the team after the game, threatening to overshadow all the positive aspects of the game.

Megan Schutt (Photo-Getty)
Megan Schutt (Photo-Getty)

We Were Okay With Tahlia McGrath Playing The Game: Harmanpreet Kaur

After all the commotion, Meghan Schutt, a teammate, spoke up in support of the all-rounder.

“We were all happy to play, she was happy to play. She feels absolutely fine so I think the positive result was a bit of a shock to her, but that’s Covid isn’t it we’re all going to live through it,” Schutt said as quoted by The Guardian.

“We didn’t want to get in trouble, we felt bad for Tahlia at the end there. Obviously, when you’re part of a game that’s so thrilling like that, that’s all you want to do [is celebrate] and at the end screw it, if we get Covid, so be it.”

Harmanpreet Kaur (Image Credits: Twitter)
Harmanpreet Kaur (Image Credits: Twitter)

“That was something not in our control. The CWG had to take a decision and we were okay with it since she [Tahlia McGrath] wasn’t very ill, so we decided to play. We had to show sportsman spirit. I’m happy we didn’t say no to Tahlia, it [missing the final] would have been very hard-hitting for her,” Indian Captain Harmanpreet Kaur had said after the game.

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