Mike Hussey, Chennai Super Kings,
Mike Hussey tests positive for Covid [Image-IPLT20]

Chennai Super Kings [CSK] batting coach and former Australian cricketer, Mike Hussey, has reckoned that moving from Mumbai to Delhi during the now suspended 14th season of the Indian Premier League exposed everyone to greater risk.

Mike Hussey, who was one of the many players who tested positive for Covid-19 alongside fellow bowling coach, L Balaji, reached Australia on Monday via a commercial flight from Doha after finally testing negative for the virus.

Opening up on the ordeal he endured in India, Mike Hussey revealed that his first test had come out to be a ‘weak positive’.

But given the fact he had not been feeling well following the journey from Mumbai to Delhi and the fact that he used to sit alongside bowling coach L Balaji, who had also tested positive, in the team bus, sent alarm bells ringing for the former Aussie international.

‘’My initial test came up as a weak positive, and we were sort of hoping the next would be negative and it’d be alright, but unfortunately, I got retested the next day and that came back positive. To be honest, I had already started feeling some of the symptoms and so I was thinking, ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve got it. Plus I was sitting next to the bowling coach on the bus a few times, so I thought, ‘If he’s got it then there’s a pretty good chance I’ve got it as well’.” said Mike Hussey to Fox Cricket.

Mike Hussey, IPL
Michael Hussey. Image-Twitter

Hussey further admitted that moving from Mumbai to Delhi exposed everyone to a greater risk given the fact they came in contact with external factors who were not a part of the bubble.

“So there was a risk there. It (also) could have been at the ground; there was ground staff while we were there training and on game day. There was certainly more risk once we left that Mumbai bubble,” Hussey added.

The former Australian further admitted that he was a bit annoyed after he tested positive for the Wuhan virus.

‘’I was a bit like, ‘Oh gosh, why me’, but I didn’t really think too much at all. I thought it was a bit of a shame. But I certainly wasn’t worried about my breathing or things like that. It was just a bit annoying, really,” Mike Hussey said.

He also conceded that the virus has taken a toll on his health.

”Looking back on it now, it probably did knock me around a bit more than I thought at the time. At the time I thought I didn’t feel great, but not life-threatening or anything like that. But it does take its toll on you after a while I guess,” Mike Hussey signed.

Following his return to Australia, Mike Hussey will now undergo a 14-day quarantine as per protocols.

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