Mitchell Santner Highlights "Annoying" Aspect Of Ravindra Jadeja's Bowling

Published - 14 Nov 2023, 05:18 PM

Mitchell Santner and Ravindra Jadeja
Mitchell Santner and Ravindra Jadeja

Mitchell Santner is having a decent outing in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. He has taken 16 wickets in nine matches and has been an integral part of New Zealand’s World Cup campaign. Recently, in an interview, he talked about his Chennai Super Kings teammate, Ravindra Jadeja joking about how Jadeja seems to make things look very easy.

Both Mitchell Santner and Ravindra Jadeja are left-handed batters, and left-arm spinners and play for the same IPL franchise. Both of them will be facing each other on Wednesday, November 15 in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Ravindra Jadeja has also had a pretty good tournament with the ball and bat. Jadeja has also taken 16 wickets in nine matches including a five-wicket haul against South Africa.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Santner joked about Ravindra Jadeja making things look pretty easy and drew a comparison to his own bowling style with Jadeja. “I’ve obviously seen how good he is. He makes things look pretty simple at times – which is annoying,” Santner jokingly said about Jadeja.

Mitchell Santner Talks About Ravindra Jadeja’s Way Of Bowling

Much as they have similar roles, Ravindra Jadeja and Mitchell Santner are two different bowlers. “He keeps it pretty simple: he just bowls fast, into the wicket, and makes it pretty tough to hit,” Santner says of Jadeja. “I’m slightly different in the way I change the pace a bit more than him, but if there’s a bit there in the wicket, it’s a pretty option just to go fast into it, and see what happens,” added Santner.
Mitchell Santner then talked about how it is impossible to play Ravindra Jadeja in test matches as he hits one spot for a long period of time. He also talked about how he has coped by changing the pace and getting more bounce back in New Zealand.
“Speaking to him, he obviously just wants to hit a spot for a long period of time and over here, that’s a very good option: some skid, some spin. Playing him in Test matches is impossible, really. Back in New Zealand, where there’s not a lot in the surfaces, the way I’ve coped is [by] changing the pace, trying to get a bit more bounce and some overspin,” he added.
India and New Zealand will face each other in the ODI World Cup semi-finals for the second consecutive time. It will be interesting to see whether India will avenge their heart-wrenching defeat in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup or whether New Zealand reaches their third consecutive ODI World Cup finals.



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