Tata IPL Trophy, IPL 2022
Tata IPL Trophy. (Photo: BCCI)

Last Update on: March 22nd, 2022 at 03:04 pm

It is not often that there are changes in the rules of a sport, however this time, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has stated that there would be a few changes in regards the 2022 Tata Indian Premier League. Although the basic rules of the game do not change, there would be changes in regards to Covid rules, DRS and Super Over.

1. Rules for Covid- 19

Covid has made sports to change around the globe making the global super stars to shift in bio bubbles to make sure that they would be safe. This time around, keeping in mind that covid rates are falling, the disease is still prevalent.

A spokesperson for the BCCI had stated that – “Unable to field a team on account of COVID for any match due to having less than 12 players available in the playing XI (of which at least 7 must be Indian) plus 1 substitute fielder.

The BCCI, at its discretion, will attempt to reschedule the match for later in the season. If this is not possible, the issue will be referred to the IPL Technical Committee. The decision of the IPL Technical Committee will be final and binding.”

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The announcement is a change from the previous call by the BCCI which stated that “will attempt to reschedule the match for later in the season. If this is not possible, the franchise will be deemed to have lost the match with its opponent being awarded 2 points.”

This means that if the team cannot field 12 players of which at least 7 are Indians, then upon the discretion of the IPL technical committee they would reschedule the match or else would take a call at that time.

2. Changes with the DRS

Earlier in the Tata Indian Premier League matches, a team was only allowed to get one DRS review in each innings. However from this season they would be allowed 2 in each innings, this would dramatically change the outcomes of the games and change in play odds on online IPL betting websites.

This decision would help a lot of team this season, they would be able to take advantages of wrong calls by the umpire and save their own wickets while also being able to take more.

3. Change of strike when getting out

The BCCI would be following the new rules that were set by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which is known as the rule maker for the game. According to the MCC, when a batsman gets out and the non- striker crosses paths with the striker, the players would have to get back to their original position and the new player would be on strike.

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This rule could really change the outcomes of the game, especially when it comes down to the lower order players getting out with upper odder batsman on the other sides are trying to rotate the strike. This way the lower order players would face the next ball instead of the non-striker.

Although the changes in the rules are not major, they would still effect the games and make the match more exiting. The BCCI and the IPL committee are going all out this year to make sure that they are the event of the year and show everyone how big a sport cricket is. With just a few days to go, the IPL fever is coming back to the country, dividing fan bases and fueling debates on the better teams and players.