NZ Vs AFG: Naveen Ul Haq's Reveals How He Bowled Over Jos Buttler With His Tactical Genius

Updated - 16 Oct 2023, 05:11 PM

Naveen Ul Haq Cleans Jos Buttler
Naveen Ul Haq Cleans Jos Buttler (Credits:X)

In a remarkable revelation, Afghanistan’s young cricket sensation, Naveen Ul Haq, has shed light on the tactical brilliance behind his crucial in-swinging delivery that saw him dismiss England’s captain, Jos Buttler, during a game-changing moment in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Naveen’s revelation came in a video released by the International Cricket Council (ICC), where he dissected the strategic thinking that led to this pivotal wicket.

The match in question was a historic encounter during the World Cup, and Afghanistan eventually secured a resounding victory over the defending champions, England, winning by a substantial margin of 69 runs. Naveen Ul Haq’s role in this triumph proved pivotal, and his revelation offers a fascinating glimpse into the minds of cricketing strategists.

Naveen explained in the video that he had been predominantly bowling outswingers consistently for about three overs leading up to this crucial delivery. However, it was a conversation with his teammate, the experienced Mohammad Nabi, that set the stage for the game-changing in-swinging delivery.

“Yeah that was, that was a great setup, me and Nabi discussed that when I bowled the last three overs to Jos and Brookie(Harry Brook) they were all outswingers, and me and Nabi just before that ball discussed that we should bring one in. He(Jos Buttler) won’t be ready for the inswinger. So, yeah that luckily landed on the right spot,” said Naveen ul Haq in the video.

The tactical insight Naveen gleaned from Mohammad Nabi was simple yet profound – Buttler had been accustomed to facing outswingers, and it was the element of surprise that could potentially catch him off guard. Nabi’s advice to vary the delivery and introduce an in-swinger at this critical juncture proved to be a masterstroke.

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Naveen ul Haq executed the plan to perfection. As he approached the crease and delivered the ball, it behaved precisely as intended. The delivery pitched, deviated inwards, and defied Buttler’s expectations, ultimately breaching his defences and crashing into the stumps. The roar of the Afghan crowd and the jubilation of the team was palpable, underscoring the significance of this wicket.

The dismissal of a batsman as prolific as Jos Buttler in such a crucial contest speaks volumes about Naveen Ul Haq’s skill, adaptability, and composure under pressure. It also highlights the value of teamwork and strategic thinking in the game of cricket.

Afghanistan’s resounding victory over England was, without a doubt, a watershed moment for the team. It was a testament to their tenacity, talent, and unwavering commitment to the sport. However, it is moments like Naveen’s in-swinging delivery that demonstrate how cricket is not just about physical prowess but also about mental acumen and the ability to think on your feet.

Naveen’s insight and execution in that crucial moment will be remembered as a pivotal turning point in Afghanistan’s cricketing history. This revelation offers fans and aspiring cricketers an invaluable lesson in the art of strategy and adaptability in the game.