PAK vs AFG: 'Shaheen Shah Afridi Is In A League Of His Own' - Mohammad Hafeez Takes Indirect Dig At Ravi Shastri

Updated - 21 Oct 2023, 07:55 PM

Shaheen Shah Afridi
Shaheen Shah Afridi (Credits:X)

Pakistan’s star fast bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi, delivered a magnificent five-wicket haul in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, against Australia. Mohammad Hafeez, a seasoned campaigner for Pakistan, couldn’t contain his excitement and took to expressing his admiration for Afridi’s remarkable performance.

In a sport that thrives on comparisons and rivalries, Hafeez was quick to stress the significance of not comparing Shaheen Shah Afridi to anyone else. The left-arm fast bowler has showcased his exceptional talent and has been consistently delivering outstanding performances for Pakistan. Hafeez made it clear that Shaheen is not just another bowler but a unique talent in his own right.He also took a dig at Ravi Shastri.

“Shaheen Shah Afridi is no Wasim Akram. He is a good bowler with the new ball and can pick wickets, but there is nothing special about him. He is only a decent bowler. He’s no big deal. You have to accept the truth,” Ravi Shastri had said.

Hafeez’s praise was particularly directed towards Shaheen’s extraordinary five-wicket haul against Australia. In the context of the match, the significance of this achievement cannot be overstated. Pakistan was tasked with the formidable challenge of restricting a strong Australian batting lineup. The fact that Shaheen Afridi managed to take five wickets in such a high-pressure situation is a testament to his remarkable skill and temperament.

He stated, “If you watch this entire match, the thing that I am most happy with, the thing that I find the most pleasing, is Shaheen Afridi’s 5 wickets, which is a statement of the words that someone sitting somewhere has given. Don’t compare Shaheen to anyone. Shaheen is a brilliant bowler in his own class who knows how to perform.

Today I think that the whole world knows this and perhaps we also understand this somewhere that if Shaheen bowls well with the new ball, then perhaps his wicket-taking ability reduces but today let us see that when the ball was going all over the park, coming there to pull back that team, coming there to do impactful bowling. This was the spell which gave Pakistan the hope that we could win the game.” 

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Historically, there has been a notion that Shaheen Shah Afridi’s wicket-taking ability diminishes when he bowls with the new ball, a belief that was challenged and disproven in this game. In a match where the ball was being dispatched to all corners of the ground, Shaheen Afridi stepped up to the plate and showcased his ability to turn the tide. His performance not only halted Australia’s progress but also provided Pakistan with a glimmer of hope, igniting their belief that victory was still within reach.

For Pakistan, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s performance was a match-changer. It showcased his resilience and his capacity to deliver impactful bowling even when conditions appeared unfavourable. As Hafeez pointed out, this spell not only displayed Shaheen’s bowling prowess but also provided Pakistan with the confidence and motivation they needed to believe in their chances of winning the game.

In the ever-evolving world of cricket, it is the emergence of exceptional talents like Shaheen Shah Afridi that keeps the sport captivating and enthralling. As Pakistan continues its journey in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the hope is that Shaheen will continue to mesmerize fans and opponents with his extraordinary performances, reminding everyone that he is indeed a bowler of a unique and remarkable class.


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