PAK vs NZ: Watch- Wasim Akram Rolls On The Floor Laughing As Australian Commentators Struggle Pronouncing 'Fakhar'

Published - 07 Jan 2024, 01:51 PM

Wasim Akram takes a jibe at Australians
Wasim Akram takes a jibe at Australians (Credits:X)

Former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram took a hilarious jibe on Australians pronouncing the name ‘Fakhar’. He was commentating for the Triple M Rocks Cricket alongside James Brayshaw and former Australian cricketer Callum Ferguson during the third Test between Australia and Pakistan in Sydney. Wasim Akram made fun of the Australian accent and their issue with pronouncing the letter ‘K’ when it has to come from the epiglottis.

In the middle of the commentary, he asked Callum Ferguson and James Brayshaw to pronounce the name ‘Fakhar. James Brayshaw gave a priceless reaction because he knew how the Australians pronounce that name in general which sounds like ‘F***er’. Callum Ferguson on the other hand was perfect with his pronunciation of the name. The conversation took a hilarious turn when they started talking about Mark Waugh who always struggles while pronouncing the name ‘Fakhar’.

Mark Waugh is a former Australia player and is the younger brother of World Cup-winning skipper Steve Waugh. The junior Waugh has always found it difficult to pronounce ‘Fakhar’ Zaman’s name and the Triple M panel of Wasim Akram, James Brayshaw, and Callum Ferguson could not control their laughter when a clip of Mark Waugh trying to take Fakhar Zaman’s name was played in their commentary box.

Wasim Akram also shared a hilarious story involving his wife and his 12-year-old son. He said, ” So Shaneira (his wife) came to Pakistan and my son’s name was Fakhar and he brought his friend, about 12 years old and he said ‘This is my friend Fakhar’. She says ‘Hang on a minute’. Because Australians can’t pronounce ‘K’ in their language. It took her two years to pronounce his name.” 

Watch- Wasim Akram Making Fun Of How Australians Take The Name Of Fakhar Zaman

Wasim Akram has a deep relationship with Australia and it is practically his second home as his wife is from Australia. Akram has been commentating in different cricket matches and works as a cricket expert for news channels. He is one of the legends of the game who was the greatest fast bowler during his era. He played professional cricket from 1984 to 2003 and still rolls his arm when he gets an opportunity.

Wasim Akram was known for his reverse swing back in the day and his combination with Waqar Younis was deadly for any batter during that time. Akram loves to have some fun in the commentary box and never spares an opportunity to take a jibe at his fellow commentators and the ‘Fakhar’ conversation was just another example of him having some fun in the commentary box. He hit the right spot with the pronunciation issues that happen with the Australians.

The Mark Waugh clip in the end was just the cherry on top for the three commentators and they could not contain their laughter. Wasim Akram has played 104 Test matches and 356 ODIs for Pakistan. He was known for his bowling prowess but only a few people know that he has the highest individual score of 257 in Test cricket.


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