PBKS vs RCB: "It doesn't matter if Virat Kohli is in those 1st 6 overs.."- Matthew Hayden's fresh tirade

Updated - 07 May 2024, 01:12 PM

Virat Kohli and Matthew Hayden
Virat Kohli and Matthew Hayden (Credits: Getty)

Former Australia opener Matthew Hayden has had his say about Virat Kohli on the controversial subject of his strike rate in this IPL 2024 season. 

One of the most trending topics in IPL 2024, at the moment, is the strike rate of Virat Kohli. Be it people on social media platforms or the cricket pundits in the commentary box, everyone is talking about Kohli's approach and intent. But since the former RCB captain's outcry in a post-match interview, the talk seems to have doubled and Matthew Hayden has become the latest to react. 

Hayden claims Virat Kohli is at his best strike rate in IPL 2024

While speaking to Star Sports recently, Matthew Hayden had a different thought to Virat Kohli's strike rate. Hayden, who has won the IPL once in 2010 with the Chennai Super Kings, noted that Kohli's striking rate is not going downwards but it's actually going up. 

Matthew Hayden then highlighted Virat Kohli's strike rate over the last 4 seasons and observed that this season, he has upped his game in that regard. Haydos noted that the rate has gone from 120 to 130 and then to 140 and 150. According to him, a striking rate of 150 is actually the 'sweet spot' regardless of where he bats - at the top or at number 3. 

It's not just about the last 4 seasons, Virat Kohli's 148.09 strike rate is higher than any of the seasons since the 2016 edition wherein he amassed 973 runs. The 2016 season is the only season where Kohli had a 152.03 strike rate. Since then, in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, his rate has been less than 145. 

In IPL 2024, from 11 matches so far, Virat Kohli is striking at 148.09, which is his highest since the 2016 season. 

"That strike rate is trending in the right direction, it’s trending up. Look at the IPL over the last four years, it’s gone from mid and around that 120 then it goes 130, and then 140 and 150." 

"So 150 for me is kind of that sweet spot that starts in and everyone having conversation well where you bat? Is it three, is it open? You know those first six overs, it doesn’t matter if Kohli is in those first six overs. You know that there’s going to be fireworks." - Hayden said via Star Sports. 

Haydos predicts that Kohli will have a good T20 World Cup in the USA and the Windies

Matthew Hayden then claimed that since the conditions in the USA, where India will play all their group matches, Virat Kohli will look to come in and smash every ball.

Haydos claimed that Kohli will look to strike away for another reason. He will know that the batters after him - Suryakumar and Shivam Dube among others have skyrocketing strike rates so he won't be worried at all.  

"But certainly through the West Indies, they’re going to be benign conditions and Kohli is going to come in and look to strike away knowing that he has a superb batting side that also has a great strike rate." - Hayden concluded. 


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