Sam Curran voices concerns over IPL's Impact Player rule; calls it 'quite confusing'

Updated - 22 May 2024, 03:26 PM

Sam Curran
Sam Curran. Image Credit: BCCI-IPL

England and Punjab Kings (PBKS) all-rounder Sam Curran shared his thoughts on the Impact Player rule in the Indian Premier League (IPL), shedding light on its effects on the game's dynamics and strategies.

He called the Impact Player rule ‘quite confusing’. The BCCI introduced the impact player rule in the IPL last season. It allows teams to substitute a player who has already batted or bowled with another player from the chosen five players at the toss.

With this tactical innovation, BCCI aims to provide teams with strategic options to improve their performance in different situations, but this rule has not impressed many players. After Ricky Ponting, Rohit Sharma, and many other players, Curran has also expressed his reservations over the IPL’s impact player rule.

Impact Player rule has increased the scoring in IPL: Sam Curran

However, the England all-rounder acknowledged that the fans may enjoy the more attacking batting at the top of the order and lots of sixes in the IPL, but it also brings complexities and challenges for both the teams and players.

He highlighted the rule's influence on batting strategies, as it allows the players to take more risks early in the innings as the team can bring a batter as a substitute if their attacking plan fails. Moreover, Curran also noted that this rule enables teams to bolster their bowling attacks while defending the total by bringing in a bowler in place of a batter.

However, the PBKS all-rounder noted that the Impact Player rule complicated the team composition and tactical planning, shifting the focus from eleven players to a broader consideration of squad depth and match situations. He has indirectly called for the removal of the rule.

While recognizing the exciting evolution of batting and high scoring in the IPL due to the Impact Player rule, Curran joined the ongoing debate regarding maintaining a balance between bat and ball, as he feels both batting and bowling must be equally valued in the game of cricket.

Sam Curran feels the Impact Player rule makes things confusing

Sam Curran was quoted as saying by Sportstar: “I guess the fans and people watching at home would love to just keep seeing lots of sixes, but I think the Impact Player rule has made a huge difference. With the bat, it allows players to go fractionally more attacking at the top of the order because they know if it doesn’t go to plan, you are most likely to just bring in that extra batter at No. 7 or 8. In a way, it has probably helped the scores and how the players are playing, but vice versa, if you bat well, it allows an extra bowler to be in when you are defending.

"So, there are pros and cons for each team. I think it does make it quite confusing, as it shifts the focus from 11 players and requires more tactical analysis. The rule has been here for a couple of seasons. Who knows what they will do with it? But it certainly has increased the scoring. The way batsmen are developing has been fantastic to watch, but the challenge of keeping it fair between the bat and the ball will always be a debate.”


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