The Hundred
The Hundred (Image Credit: Getty)

The London Spirits head coach Shane Warne and former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen admitted the success scale of the Hundred tournament going to the top more than the expectations. The inaugural edition of the Hundred ball tournament came to an end recently on Saturday after dealing with the tough Covid-19 times.

The tournament had grabbed a huge fan base already and the crowds were a massive factor in the development of the tournament. The Men’s Hundred saw the Southern Brave winning the title while the Oval Invincibles won the women’s title in the new format with the finals happening at the Lord’s.

Southern Brave
Southern Brave were crowned as the champions of the Hundred. (Photo: Twitter)

Shane Warne Explains The Tournament’s Reach

Shane Warne mentioned that the tournament has earned success beyond expectations and lauded the skills of various players that have been visible in the tournament. He was particularly delighted by the fans coming out to watch the tournament on weekdays despite the crowd factor and the Covid-19 threats.

“I think it has gone beyond expectations,” said London Spirit head coach Warne. “The cricket that has been on display, the skill on display from all the different teams at various times, has been outstanding.

“To see full houses everywhere you go, on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night in Birmingham, Manchester, London – it has been packed and the crowds have really got into it and I think it’s been fantastic! It’s only going to get bigger and better with every year,” Shane Warne said.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne (Image Credit: Twitter)

“British Public Supports Sport So Well” – Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen mentioned the UK public having a craze for any sport that happens in the country and was happy to see franchise cricket in England. He even compared the sport support to a Tour De France which extracts humongous crowds watching and was confident about Cricket getting support too.

“It’s so cool to see franchise cricket in the UK. The one thing we know is that British public supports sport so well.”  

“No matter what it is, where it is; the Tour de France started in this country a few years ago and there were packed streets watching them. So you knew that the big sports, a summer sport like cricket was going to be supported.”

“To see these scenes, to see franchise cricket here and to see it so well celebrated and supported – love it!” Kevin Pietersen told.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen (Image Credit: Twitter)

The Hundred tournament was initially set to take place last year but Covid-19 issues meant that the crowd had to wait one more year.

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