Some People Don’t Like Justin Langer's Disciplined Side As Coach Or Player - Michael Clarke

Some People Don’t Like Justin Langer’s Disciplined Side As Coach Or Player – Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke (Credits: Twitter)

Former Australia captain, Michael Clarke speaks on the recent rumours of Australian players not happy with the head coach, Justin Langer’s management, and hard-training style. According to a report in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, some players are unhappy with Langer’s high intensity “micro-management” style and mood swings.

The report also stated that the head coach is less approachable, and they turn to assistant coach, Andrew McDonald. These reports come in as the aftermath of the home series loss to an injury-riddled Team India.

Michael Clarke, who has played alongside Justin Langer for about 3 years, says that sometimes people don’t get along with the left-hander’s high demands of discipline and hard training. But he also points out that Langer’s isn’t wrong to demand tough routines from his players if the Australian team aspires to become world beaters once again.

Justin Langer
Justin Langer (Credits – Getty)

“Justin Langer is tough as well; his character is hard. He will want these guys to know that if you are going to be successful at the highest level, every part of what we do is we challenge ourselves. We look to get better,” Michael Clarke said on NSW’s Big Sports Breakfast.

“What comes with that is some people don’t like that because he is very much on that disciplined side of a head coach or as a player. For some players that don’t want to go to training and train for four hours, or some people that don’t want to turn up to a team meeting and go through every single player. No doubt, it is not going to be perfect for everyone. But that’s his style,” he added.

I hope Langer does find out who the player is and confronts him: Michael Clarke

The 39-year-old cricketer-turned-commentator is utterly upset that such reports have emerged. Not only that, he points out that these are still speculations as the report didn’t mention or revealed any player making the statements.

Tim Paine,Pre-Season Camp, Brisbane, UAE
Tim Paine alongside Justin Langer. Photo Credit: PC: Getty Images

Michael Clarke, who led Australia to the 2015 World Cup glory, reckons Langer should find out that player who made such claims and confront him. Nicknamed ‘Pup’, Clarke believes that if a member of the dressing room has any issues they speak with the coach directly or have a chat with the captain of the side.

“Even if people have beef with that or don’t feel comfortable, go and talk to Lang about it or Painey as captain and try to get the best out of each other.

“This behind closed doors and going to a journalist, ‘source said’, is very weak. I hope that it hasn’t been the case, I hope it’s just a story creating a headline and a player hasn’t gone behind Lang’s back. I think it’s weak you don’t put the player’s name to it. I hope JL does find out who the player is and confronts him,” Michael Clarke further added.

The Aussie need to regroup and sort the matters soon as they have a T20I series in New Zealand and a high-voltage Test series in South Africa to play.

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