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Last Update on: September 2nd, 2023 at 04:39 pm

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Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) made a significant announcement on Friday, revealing the suspension of all domestic tournaments managed by the board within the country. The board’s decision appears to be linked to an ongoing controversy regarding the restructuring of these tournaments.

In 2021, SLC initiated efforts to overhaul its domestic structure, which critics considered bloated. The now-defunct Technical Advisory Committee, led by former skipper Aravinda de Silva, recommended eliminating the two-tier system and introducing two groups of 13 teams to replace it.

SLC Decided To Halt All Domestic Tournaments – Media Release

Sri Lanka Cricket has decided to immediately halt all board-conducted domestic tournaments. This includes the ongoing Major Club 3-Day Tournament and also the Invitational Club Tier ‘B’ 3-Day Tournament,” SLC stated in a media release.

The concept involved these 26 teams participating in three-day matches during the season. During the initial two years, the two lowest-ranked teams from each group (totalling four) would face relegation, while in the third year, three teams would be relegated.

This plan aimed to reduce the premier domestic tournament’s size to 15 teams, addressing concerns about its bloated nature and fostering higher-quality cricket. The decision from the board could mark a notable development in the landscape of cricket in Sri Lanka.

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Until Clarification Is Obtained On The Same – Media Released

As per ESPNcricinfo , SLC sought the sports minister’s approval for their restructuring plan but received no response. They proceeded with the change back to the previous format, considering it reasonable and member-supported. However, they suspended all SLC-organized domestic cricket tournaments until they received clarification on the matter.

“Accordingly, Sri Lanka Cricket is compelled to suspend all SLC-organised domestic cricket tournaments until clarification is obtained on the same,” concluded the media release.

The report further stated that obtaining this clarification remains uncertain, leaving the situation in limbo. Currently, the country’s sports minister holds the authority to determine the fate of Sri Lanka’s domestic cricket season, and they will decide its future course.

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