Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar. Credit: AFP

Former India captain, Sunil Gavaskar is upset with the recent rumours of Australian players not happy with the head coach, Justin Langer’s management, and hard-training style. According to a report in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, some players are not able to cope up with Langer’s high intensity ‘micro-management’ style and mood swings.

Sunil Gavaskar reprimands the players for such leaks to the media and refers to them as ‘brats’ for not accepting their mistakes against India, and instead, shifting the blame on Langer.

India won the Test series in Australia for the consecutive time – the visitors made an incredible comeback to win the series 2-1 after losing the first Test match. Gavaskar opines that the Aussie players are just trying to find some excuses as there is nothing a coach can do sitting in the dressing room while his players are on the field.

Justin Langer, Steven Smith, David Warner
Langer lays down plans for Smith and Warner upon their return. Image Courtesy: Getty

“The leaks to the media about Langer actually reflects badly on the Australian team as it portrays them as brats who can’t accept they were outplayed and so need to shift the blame elsewhere,” Sunil Gavaskar wrote in his column for Mid-day.

“Stories planted in the media by the players or their agents or managers are making out that it was Langer’s intensity and passion that had the players under pressure and so affected their game. This is utter rubbish as once the players are out on the field, the coach can do nothing and the players themselves have to find the answers to the questions asked by the opposition,” he added.

Australians have nobody else to blame than themselves: Sunil Gavaskar

The 71-year-old opines that the only aspect where Langer could be blamed is that Tim Paine decided to bat first in Melbourne on a wicket which was offered assistance to the bowlers on Day 1 and then became better for batting as Ajinkya Rahane struck a memorable century.

Sunil Gavaskar Blasts The Australian Players For Pinning The Blame Of Loss To India On Justin Langer
Tim Paine (L) and Justin Langer (R). Credit: Getty Images

Gavaskar reckons apart from that decision – which is not clear whether Paine or Langer took it – there is nothing to be criticized about the former Australian opener’s coaching. The Australian bowlers failed to dismiss India in the fourth innings in Sydney and Brisbane – where India won the Test – hence, Sunil Gavaskar asserts that the Aussie players have only themselves to blame for their loss.

“The one thing that they could possibly pin on the coach and the advisory group is the decision to bat first in the Melbourne Test match. Whether that was only the captain and senior players’ decision to bat first or whether it was one that the coach Langer encouraged Tim Paine to take is not known but apart from that possibility, the Australians have nobody else to blame than themselves,” the former opener further added.

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