Suresh Raina deletes his Tweet targeting Shahid Afridi after Pakistan star begs him

Published - 30 May 2024, 11:50 AM | Updated - 30 May 2024, 12:00 PM

Shahid Afridi and Suresh Raina (Credits: Getty)
Shahid Afridi and Suresh Raina (Credits: Getty)

Former India cricketer Suresh Raina has deleted the tweet in which he mocked former counterpart Shahid Afridi for losing the 2011 CWC semi-final. 

Suresh Raina, who covered the entire IPL 2024 edition as part of Jio Cinema's Hindi commentary team, had got into an argument with a Pakistani Journalist. It was in his reply that he had made this tweet on X (formerly Twitter) but deleted it after a reported phone call from none other than Shahid Afridi himself. 

What happened between Suresh Raina and Shahid Afridi?

It all began on May 24th after the International Cricket Council appointed former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi as the T20 World Cup 2024 ambassador. Afridi joined the likes of former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, West Indies legend Chris Gayle, and multiple-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. 

With Shahid Afridi becoming the latest ambassador of the T20 WC for the first time, a Pakistani Journalist decided to take a dig towards Suresh Raina. The Journalist took to X and wrote, "ICC has named Shahid Afridi as an ambassador for ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Hello Suresh Raina." 

That particular Journalist could have named anyone but he decided to call out Suresh Raina. But there was a major reason behind it as well. As mentioned before, Raina was doing commentary in IPL 2024 and while commentating in one of the matches, he took a brutal dig at Shahid Afridi. 

Raina's co-commentator had jokingly asked him to take his retirement back and start playing cricket again. To that, Raina replied that he is not Shahid Afridi, who takes a U-turn on his retirement decision but he is Suresh Raina, who lives up to his commitment. "I am Suresh Raina, not Shahid Afridi." 

This particular comment sparked plenty of debates around social media. It had provoked the Pakistani Journalist to remind Raina that Afridi had been made the ambassador of the World Cup, not him. 

Suresh Raina was bound to reply and so he did. He retweeted the post and wrote that he is satisfied with what he has and that is the 2011 Cricket World Cup trophy which the Indian team won after beating Pakistan in the semi-final. 

"I’m not an ICC ambassador, but I have the 2011 World Cup at my house. Remember the game at Mohali? Hope it brings back some unforgettable memories for you." - Sures Raina wrote in the deleted X post.

Why did Suresh Raina delete the Tweet? 

An apparent chat with Shahid Afridi forced Suresh Raina to delete that X post. While speaking on his latest YouTube channel, Afridi himself disclosed this information. The 2009 T20 WC-winning captain stated that such lighthearted banters can happen sometimes, which is fine. 

And after seeing Suresh Raina's post, Shahid Afridi spoke to the former who understood the entire situation like a true brother does. It was because of Afridi's request that Raina agreed to delete the tweet and claimed that everything was good between him and the former India batter. 

"Sometimes, lighthearted banter happens. After seeing his post on social media, I spoke with him, and he understood the situation like a younger brother. He agreed to delete the tweet. It's all good; these things happen. Great individuals acknowledge and rectify their mistakes." - Shahid Afridi said on his latest YouTube video. 


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