Sanjay Manjrekar (Image Credit: Twitter)
Sanjay Manjrekar (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar has noted that India has better bowlers than Mohammed Shami in T20 cricket and should look at him as an asset in the longer format. Shami has been under the radar after a poor performance against Pakistan and New Zealand in the T20 World cup 2021. However, he did come back well against Afghanistan.

Mohammed Shami is one of the vastly experienced bowlers for India in international cricket, and he has been around for a long time. However, he hasn’t played T20 cricket regularly but plays the IPL for the Punjab Kings. He has done well in IPL but hasn’t replicated his performances in T20 internationals, and he will need some consistent performances in the remaining games.

Ind vs Pak
Mohammad Shami[photo: Twitter]

Sanjay Manjrekar Reckons India Needs To Assess Their T20 Team

Sanjay Manjrekar mentioned that India has to select players that add more value to the T20 side and segregate players suited to one format. He said that India needs to look ahead of Shami, who has been a great pick for India in the longer formats.

“I think the time has come now for India to look at their T20 team and look at certain players and maybe assess whether these guys are better suited to playing some other format…

“Maybe there are some players in this T20 team who will add greater value or the best value that they can possibly add in one format and not be as good in the others… I am thinking about Mohammed Shami,” Sanjay Manjrekar told Dafa News.

Sanjay Manjrekar
Sanjay Manjrekar (Image Credit: Twitter)

Sanjay Manjrekar Sees Mohammad Shami As A Great Asset In Tests

Sanjay Manjrekar mentioned that Mohammad Shami’s T20 economy isn’t that great and he noted that India has bowlers Shami in T20 cricket.

I think we have seen enough of Mohammed Shami to know that his greatest quality and where he’s a superb asset for the team is Test match cricket.

“The last time I looked, his economy in T20 cricket was 9. I know he bowled well against Afghanistan, but India clearly has bowlers who are slightly better than Mohammed Shami in T20 cricket,” he added

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami with Virat Kohli

India will next play against Scotland today in their fourth game of the T20 World cup, and it will be an important game considering the group standings.

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