T20 World Cup 2024: "Players bante hai India-Pakistan ke match mai"- Younis Khan wants arch-rivals to play regularly

Updated - 22 May 2024, 04:20 PM

Younis Khan, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam
Younis Khan, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam {PC:X}

Former Pakistan cricketer Younis Khan wants India and Pakistan to play regularly and not just in multi-nation tournaments. He believes not playing consistently and playing directly in the ICC tournament brings added pressure on the players and the game between the two creates stars. 

The India vs Pakistan game is arguably one of the biggest clashes in world cricket. The two arch-rivals don't play each other in bilateral series due to political tensions and meet each other only in ICC events and the Asia Cup, which makes their clash even more exciting. 

India and Pakistan are set to clash with each other next in the T20 World Cup 2024. The match between the two teams will take place on 9th June at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York as the two teams are placed in the same group. 

The clash between India and Pakistan has always been a big-ticket clash and both teams have come up with stellar performances. However, the only thing that has been bothering the fans is two arch-rivals not playing regularly against each other. 

Many fans, experts, and even players of both teams have expressed their desire to play against each other regularly. The last time India vs Pakistan series took place was in 2012-13 when Pakistan travelled to India for the ODI and the T20I series. 

Younis Khan stated that he as a Pakistani player always wanted to play series against India. He believes that playing in ICC tournaments puts more pressure on the losing team in the event. Speaking to reporters, he explained: 

"We (Pakistan players) have always said that the India-Pakistan series must happen, I am not talking about just one or two matches. When it happens in a World Cup, whichever team that loses is under double pressure. So if we play again and again, this pressure will release a bit." 

"When India-Pakistan matches and series happen often, it gives rise to (star) players - Younis Khan 

Younis Khan further stated that the India vs Pakistan game gives rise to star players and also urged the governments of both nations to give the teams a green signal to play against each other. While stressing the camaraderie between the teams, he added: 

"When India-Pakistan matches and series happen often, it gives rise to (star) players. We can talk about the past, present and in future, whenever there are performances in India-Pakistan matches, it creates stars. 

"So I think for the sake of sports, the governments of both the countries should unite. Players (from both India and Pakistan) are fine (with it), as we see a lot of nice gestures from both the teams, players share their thoughts, and there is a good atmosphere. So l believe the governments and the boards should step forward to organise this series," he concluded.


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