The Indian Divyang cricket team left for Dhaka for the 4-nation series

Published - 25 Mar 2022, 01:19 PM

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The dress was launched before departure at the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata in the presence of Abhishek Dalmiya.

The Indian Cricket Team for the Physically Challenged, govern by the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India, left for Bangladesh. Indian Divyang team will participate in Bangabandhu Four Nation Cricket Tournament in Bangladesh.
Apart from the Indian cricket team, the differently-abled cricket teams from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal are participating in the tournament.
Before the departure of the players of the Indian cricket team for the Physically Challenged, the unveiling program of the jerseys was held at the Eden Garden Stadium, Kolkata in the presence of the President of Bengal Cricket Association *Abhishek Dalmiya*. The players’ travel and match dress were unveiled.
On this occasion, Ghazal Khan, CEO, Divyang Cricket Control Board of India informed that till now Indian cricket team govern by the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India have played 96 matches under 31 international cricket series. In the tournament to be held in Bangladesh, one match has to be played against all the teams.
The number of matches of the Indian Divyang cricket team team will be 99. If the Indian team reaches the final, then it will be the 100th historic match of the Indian cricket team. *Abhishek Dalmiya* has congratulated them for playing and winning the 100th match of the Indian disabled cricket team. On this occasion, Team Captain Kailash Prasad, Vice Captain Chirag Gandhi, Sachin Shiva, Brijesh Dwivedi, Mahantesh Chaluwadi, Sannamaresa, Mohammad Javed, Imran Malik, Mahmood Patel, Tikka Singh, Ghulamdin, Ritesh Walia, Shaukat Ali, Mukesh Kanchan, Indian team coach Abbas Ali and Haroon Rasheed, Secretary General, Divyang Cricket Control Board of India were present.