Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer (PC-Getty Images)

Indian cricketers have long been top performers. India has a high ranking in cricket, and many of the players are world-class, meaning Indian cricketers are recognized internationally. Indian fans are crazy about cricket, whether it is onsite or online.

The Rise of an Indian Batsman

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India vs New Zealand 3rd ODIs Overview

India returned home empty-handed this time, as this was the 3rd and final ODI between New Zealand and India, and it was called off due to heavy rain. The Indian team decided to bat first and made a total of 219 runs in 47.3 overs. New Zealand, on the other hand, was batting with 104/1 runs at 18 overs before the rain started, and they had to stop playing. With this, New Zealand ended up winning the 3-match series 1-0. The Indian team may have lost the match, but they have gained a dynamic player who is none other than Shreyas Iyer. He scored 89 runs in 76 balls in the first ODI and 49 runs in 59 balls in the 3rd ODI.

Shreyas Iyer and His Spectacular Performance in One-Day International Cricket

Even though the rain didn’t allow any player to show their full form, the young batter from Mumbai has thoroughly proven himself. He gave his best output to help the Indian team overcome their pressure and difficulties. While he trembled on many occasions, the right-handed batsman never disappointed.

Speaking of which, Aakash Chopra, a former Indian team batsman and a recent Indian cricket commentator and YouTuber, said that the biggest finding of this ODI between India and New Zealand was Shreyas Iyer. Shreyas Iyer is a 27-year-old, right-handed batsman from Mumbai. Aakash Chopra said that all player formats are different. We shouldn’t measure their formats in the same way. And Shreyas Iyer is a beast of ODI. His performance was remarkable. The right-handed batsman has made a total of 1,428 runs in 36 ODI matches at an average of 49.24. Iyer’s flaw is that he gets a little uncomfortable when the bowler bowls short to him, which he needs to work on.


Tournaments like One Day International Cricket have always been eye-opening for the Indian cricket team to find their players’ weaknesses and try to turn them into their strengths. The one good thing that the Indian cricket team has discovered in this New Zealand vs India ODI was the format of Shreyas Iyer. If we keep the T20s apart, he is giving his best in ODI. The Indian cricket team can use an asset like Shreyas Iyer in ODI by putting him in the right format.