"There's a reason why I'm..." - Jonny Bairstow arrogantly shuts down critics after stellar performance against Namibia

Published - 16 Jun 2024, 07:18 PM | Updated - 16 Jun 2024, 07:19 PM

Jonny Bairstow
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England wicketkeeper batter Jonny Bairstow hit back at the critics after the team won the game over Namibia in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024. He said that he has played the game for a long time and there’s a reason why he has played for a long. 

England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow has been under the scanner for a while. The batter has bagged a series of low scores in all three formats of the game and his place in the team has come under doubt with a lot of youngsters in the team. 

Jonny Bairstow in the the last four T20Is has managed just 64 runs and with England under pressure to bag the Super 8 stage, he was under serious pump but he made sure that he stood tall for his team in the most crucial encounter for the side in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.

In the game against Namibia, Jonny Bairstow scored a quick-fire 31 off 18 balls and formed a vital 56-run partnership with Harry Brook for the third wicket. His staggering partnership with the young batter helped England post a total of 122/5 in their allotted overs.

Jonny Bairstow talked about the criticism and claimed that people are allowed to have opinions and he loves to take that on the chin. He also talked about the role he prefers in the Tests. Speaking to reporters after the game against Namibia, he explained: 

"Look, people are allowed to have opinions, and yeah, look, it's part and parcel of it. It's not the first time that people have had a go at me, is it? So yeah, you take it on the chin, and you crack on. But look, at the end of the day, there's a reason why I've played for so long, and there's a reason why I'm in the team.

“So maybe sometimes the opinions and the views that come through certain people's eyes are incorrect and maybe need to look at themselves. I'd like to be keeping wicket and batting in the Tests. That's exactly what I've wanted to do. I haven't spent much time thinking about it. The games have been coming thick and fast. I think I've had about five nights at home since January 11th, when we left.”

It’s something that you just keep playing, you keep trying to learn - Jonny Bairstow 

Jonny Bairstow further talked about trying to learn and said that one needs to be ready for the different kinds of challenges on tours. He admitted that it can get hard at times and he is very fortunate to play for England in all three formats. He added: 

"So, it's something that you just keep playing, you keep trying to learn, you keep enjoying the experiences and the challenges that get put in front of you, and I think that that's the important bit. When you are on tour and when you're fortunate enough to play in the different formats and the different countries that you have around the world, the willingness and the enjoyment and the challenges you've got to accept the overcome them and look at times it does get difficult.

"At times, it is hard to adapt from format to format, and it does take a little bit of change, but look, it's something that I've done for all my career, and I wouldn't change anything of it to be quite honest with you because to be fortunate enough play in all three formats for England it's something that I'm very, very proud of,” he concluded. 


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