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Tim Paine, Australia’s Test captain, has come out to clarify his recent comment on Team India after facing severe backlash on social media.

The wicket-keeper copped criticism from fans and former players for saying that the Indian team distracted the Aussies in their loss at home a few months ago with their “sideshows”.

On one of the reasons Australia lost to a depleted Indian side at home, Tim Paine said:

“Part of the challenge of playing against India is they’re very good at niggling you and trying to distract you with stuff that doesn’t really matter and there were times in that series where we fell for that,” Tim Paine was quoted news.com.au as saying.

“The classic example was when they said they weren’t going to the Gabba so we didn’t know where we were going. They’re very good at creating these sideshows and we took our eye off the ball,” he added.

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India won 2-1 vs Australia [Image-Getty]

Also, I did say that they deserved to win but they left that one out: Tim Paine

The 36-year-old explained that the Indian team interrupted the game many times – with the change of gloves frequently, and calling the physios regularly and more – which distracted him while captaining.

However, Tim Paine reveals that he also lauded the opposition and said they deserved to win – but that part was not revealed on social media, where the Indian cricket fans stormed into the Aussie skipper. Nonetheless, the right-hander understands the passion of Indian fans and doesn’t mind some banter with them.

“I was asked a number of things, and one of those was talking about the challenges of playing against India. One of them was the distraction they can create. There was a lot of talks that they weren’t going to Brisbane. They’re always changing gloves and bringing out physios and all that can get on your nerves. Just that was one of the things that probably distracted me and took my eye off the ball at times,” Tim Paine said while speaking to Adam Gilchrist on the ‘Gilly and Goss podcast’.

“But also, I did say that they simply outplayed us and that they deserved to win but they left that one out. The Indian fans have been slamming me on social media. They’re saying that I’m making excuses again but it’s all good fun.”

Tim Paine, Australia
Tim Paine [Image Credit: Getty]

“I love the Indian fans. I don’t mind getting a bit of stick, particularly when you deserve it. They ripped me off when I dropped those catches, I thought that was totally fair. Look, I love the passion, I love how much they love cricket. I love how much they interact and for some people, it is a positive interaction, but most of the time they are into me. But I don’t mind that,” he further stated.

Despite the series loss to India at home – for the second time in a row – and Steve Smith becoming eligible to lead Australia again, Tim Paine is likely to captain in the Ashes later in the year.

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