Top 5 Live Cricket Score Apps: Reviews & Features

Top 5 Live Cricket Score Apps: Reviews & Features

A Complete Guide to Sports Betting in India
A Complete Guide to Sports Betting in India

Cricket score apps are pretty terrific as they acquaint us with Live scoring of the latest Cricket matches. These applications are a saviour for busy people who can’t find time to follow the entire match. These applications provide all the portions of the whole match crisply and interestingly.

Following are the most prominent live Cricket score apps. These applications are pretty amazing as they are designed with utmost precision and accuracy. They bestow us with the overall game’s highlights in a compact and exciting format.

We are going to list here top 5 apps which provide live Cricket scorecard for India and all other International teams. In these apps you will also be able to check T20 Leagues, Women’s Cricket and domestic Cricket matches scorecards.


Cricbuzz is one of the most exemplary applications when it comes to live score apps for Cricket sport. It comes with numerous astounding traits. Be it an international or domestic arena game; it covers every highlight of all the matches. This application is the top-rated app in the Live Cricket Score Apps arena. It has more than a hundred million users, which is a remarkable feat in itself. It also bolsters the credibility of this application to whole new folds.

App Features:

  • Cricbuzz endows exciting articles about the exclusive matches.
  • From high-quality commentary provision to fine videos, Cricbuzz is a terrific app.
  • It also portrays the imperative ranking and statistical data about the tournaments.
  • Users can follow all the breaking news by using this commendable application.
  • Prominent tournaments, including ICC Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, are covered with precise detail and extra spice.
  • Cricketbzz also allows the users to search for the dates and other schedules of future matches.
  • It is enriched with a refined user interface which presents a smooth user experience on the app.
  • Cricbuzz also provides the facility of seeking analysis and reviews of great journalists and prominent players in the application itself.
  • It also comes with regular versions of the updated app to provide users with a seamless interface.
  • The design of the application is awe-inspiring as it allows the users to enjoy flexible navigation.
  • The scoreboard presentation is one of the most attractive parts as it will enable the users to view scores with ease.


Another fantastic application in the live Cricket score apps avenue is ESPNcricinfo. This app has more than ten million users and good ratings too.

App Features:

  • The latest user interface allows the users to follow the scoring with more exactitude.
  • No matter what format of Cricket, you need to follow records; this application will be the best.
  • Users can also get high-quality pictures of Cricketers and the best moments of the match via ESPNcricinfo.
  • One can follow all the exclusive news and stories about the matches and Cricket realm.
  • High-quality videos are also accessible on this phenomenal app.
  • Users can get an outlook of the entire match by getting the ball by ball scores and real-time updates.
  • Compte and detailed analysis of international and domestic matches is one of the most appealing factors of this app.
  • Commentary and news of old matches are also available on ESPNcricinfo.

Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange is also a very notable live Cricket score app. This application also has more than ten million active users. This application is known for its versatile design and excellent user interface.

App Features:

  • Cricket Exchange bestows ball by ball commentary live for its users.
  • This phenomenal app comes with complete match details along with the venue scoring pattern factor.
  • Everything in one scorecard is the best and most feasible feature of Cricket Exchange.
  • It renders a detailed score list and analysis for the convenience of users.
  • One of the best parts about this app is that it also provides meticulous profiles of players.
  • It presents stories of players, the best moments of their career, and much more is there in store for you.
  • Cricket Exchange sends instant notifications so you don’t miss any updates on your favourite matches.
  • Rankings and history of previous matches are also readily available on the application’s portfolio.
  • The app covers all the primary forms of the game- T20, ODIs, test, international and domestic matches, all at one destination.
  • The speed of broadcasting and clarity of commentary in the app adds more grace to the overall use of Cricket Exchange.

Cricket Line Guru

Another impeccable application for following live Cricket scores is Cricket Line Guru. This application also acquires more than ten million users. This app is profoundly known for its intricate detailed images and flawless functioning. In terms of speed and agility, no application can defeat Cricket Line Guru.

App Features:

  • Cricket Line Guru provides the fastest live Cricket updates ever. The app is robust 24/7, which adds more proficiency to its usage.
  • It has an extensive section for viewing live match status, analytics, and news.
  • It also has a diverse portfolio for upcoming matches and Cricket news.
  • Users can have easy access to scorecards of the past as well as the latest matches.
  • Live score and commentary features are flawlessly executed in the application.
  • Another fantastic element of Cricket Line Guru is that users can also participate in polls here.
  • They can give answers and can win electrifying prizes.
  • Users can also have easy access to live chat via this app.

CricketConnected – Live Cricket Score App

Live Cricket Score app by CricketConnected has around one lakh followers. It comes with fast updates with zero errors. The interface of the app is pretty smooth and well-organized.

App Features:

  • The point table characteristic is exceptionally well-organized.
  • Live Cricket Score 2021- T20 Match scorecard covers diverse info about all the upcoming matches.
  • Pitch and records can also be unraveled on this application.
  • From match schedules to playing 11 features, this app provides users with every imperative insight.
  • Team squads feature helps in getting more outlook about the playing teams.
  • One can also get to know more about international team rankings via the information laid on this table.
  • From bowler’s orders, the batsman’s to all-rounder rankings; all the impeccable information is available on this app.
  • A cumulative list of purple cap holders is also present on the Live Cricket Score 2021- T20 Match scorecard.

Wrapping up

No wonder all these applications are pretty amazing. They are integrated with the best features. These applications present live insight of matches with great speed. Be it getting an outlook of match history or the comprehensive scorecard of players, they are an all-rounder in all aspects. If you want to follow Cricket and are looking for an explicit application, you can go with any of them without a doubt. They all are equally superb. Stay tuned with all the spheres of Cricket with these applications. Enjoy the craze of Cricket, the most popular sport, with these spectacular apps.