Top 6 ways of Tricks and Tips of playing Dream11
Top 6 ways of Tricks and Tips of playing Dream11

Dream11 has revolutionized the fantasy cricket market, and it is the most used application for playing fantasy cricket online. Dream11 has a website with millions of viewers, and the application has been used by millions of people in India and worldwide. Dream11 offers a real chance of winning real cash. The players can make their team, and they will be rewarded with points after every cricket match is over.

The players of Dream11 can earn a maximum number of points on their chosen player. But for that, there are tricks and tips to win every contest on Dream11. Here are the six points which can help the players to gain points and real cash on the Dream11 app and website –

Select a Match

With IPL 2021 season starting, there are lesser matches played in Cricket. The players can also select the Women’s one-off Test match between India and Australia to win prizes, and after that, The T20 World Cup 2021 will be starting as soon as the second half of the IPL 2021 season is over. So the Dream11 players and users have plenty of matches to select and play.

Create a Dream Team

The Dream11 users and players need to create the exact team on the playing field, and that team will earn more rewards or even cash prizes. The players need to research and go through several sites known for their Dream11 Predictions across the cricketing fraternity before they place their Dream Team on the Dream11 app. The team creation has 100 points, and the team should have wicketkeepers, batters, and all-rounders.

Take Part in the contest

The Dream11 and Fantasy cricket are for everyone and all ages. Dream11 and fantasy cricket lovers have no age limit. But the players should be above 18 years to participate in these types of contests because real money is involved while playing Dream11 and other fantasy games. So the users above 18 can participate in the contest run by Dream11 and try their hand at winning. Anyone can enter their Dream Team before the match, and Dream11 announces a winner after every game. The players can enter their teams with ease which prevents them from falling behind the other competitors.

Follow the Match

Creating a team is not over for the players, and they need to follow the match. The players and users following the match are also an important aspect of playing and winning the Dream11. It helps the players to track their fantasy stars which they have picked along with the scorecard. The fantasy scorecard is a real timer, and it is updated after every two minutes.

Have a winning Spirit

The last thing in this segment, but it is important for the Dream11 fantasy cricket players. The players need to have a good spirit even when they lose. The players have a good mentality when they win, and that is quite easy. But having a good mentality and spirit even when the players lose is a little difficult. Winning mentality and good spirit give the confidence of bouncing back, and Cricket is a game where many teams and players bounce back after they fail in the first few matches. That attitude comes only with a good mentality and a good spirit.

Dream11 needs understanding, planning, strategies to play and win the contest. It is not always luck. But many a time, winning in Dream11 takes a lot of study and research. So today, here are the top 6 tips which can help our Dream11 users and players to win more money, and they can be accurate while making predictions and making their Dream Team –

Participate in selective matches

The players do a big mistake of participating in every match of the Dream11 and other fantasy cricket apps. They should avoid that. The players should not be greedy to earn more money, which is not the way. The players need to be accurate while playing Dream11 and cricket fantasy apps. By playing selective matches, the players may not earn more money. But they will not lose more money which is also an important part while playing Dream11 and Fantasy sports on their apps and websites.

Research before playing

Doing extensive research before playing any fantasy sports is very important for the Dream11 users and players. The research lays a foundation for winning on Dream11. In simple words, the players who do their research well can win handsome rewards on Dream11. While playing the Dream11, the players and users need to study and research the cricketers’ past and recent performance, and if the stats are not good enough, then that player should not be in the Dream11 team. The pitch plays an important role in Cricket, as we all know.

The game can turn as the pitches turn in a match. So studying the behavior of the pitch will be crucial for the Dream11 users. The users also need to have the squads’ information and point out the players who perform against a certain team in a certain stadium. And at last, the Dream11 users also need to know about the certain teams who play well batting first and the teams who chase well in any given conditions.  Researching these things will help the Dream11 users make a good team and not understand the match progression.

Create a team of All Rounders’

All all-rounders in Cricket have an important role to play on the field, and they are also equally essential while making a Dream11 or a team on fantasy cricket apps. The batsman who can bowl holds an important place because he can do both the jobs when it is crucial from the team’s perspective.  If the players’ research, they can find all-rounders in their Dream Team, which is the most certain of winning any Dream11 contest. In this contest, the users can also choose their captain and the bowlers who should bowl the powerplay overs and the final few overs of the match. That is why extensive research will trick the Dream11 and Fantasy users because they should know which bowler can bowl well with the new ball and in the death overs.

Do invest in One match, play many matches

All it should use the money in just one match. That is not a good idea while playing the Dream11 and other Cricket fantasy apps. The users and players need to use their money wisely. Just because they are winning, the players should use all the money one time. They need to play more matches so that they will stand a chance of winning more money. The players need to play it safe because hard earn money is involved. Another thing that the Dream11 users can do is that they can use the money and divide it into many parts, which could last for a long.

Take Risks

Cricket is a game of risks. The player is promoted even when he is out of form. The prime example is of MS Dhoni, who promoted himself despite being out of form, and he won India the 2011 world cup after 28 years. So to win Dream11 and other fantasy contests, the users will have to risk picking up one or two players, which could help the players win big on Dream11. The selection of picking up a Dream11 team is involved by taking risks. The Dream11 users can earn more if those out-of-form players perform just like MS Dhoni in the World Cup Final.

Select Captain and Vice-Captain

Choosing the right captain and his deputy is the most important thing in Cricket because they can be the game changers on the field. This statement also proves correct while playing the Dream11 fantasy cricket. If the Dream11 user chooses the right captain, they can earn two times the points scored, and if the vice-captain is right, then 1.5 times of points can be scored. If Dream11 has researched well, then only they can choose the captain and vice-captain correctly. The website and app of Dream11 also show the top choice of captain and vice-captain. That allows the users of Dream11 to chose them wisely.