Unacademy Icons With Sachin Tendulkar- A Fresh Addition To The Indian Cricket Coaching Manual

Review– Unacademy’s Icons, a program initiated to bridge the gap between young minds and people who have been there, done that. In the day and age of virtual learning, it has become very important for learners to stay connected to experts who have gone through the hard yards to establish themselves as world greats.

And speaking of greats, who better a man than the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. A man who completed his journey of the 22 yards in 24 years. The man with the most international runs, most international centuries, most international half-centuries and hundreds of other cricketing achievements, joined hands with Unacademy to cater to each kid who looks up to representing the nation on the cricketing field.

Apart from studies, it is very important for young kids to upskill themselves. Not only does this keep the mind and the body fresh it also develops innate qualities of leadership, vision, and goal achievements.

This is where due credit must be given to Unacademy as apart from imparting millions of young brains with the conventional knowledge of each and every curricular subject, the platform is also focused on the 360-degree growth of a learner. To rope in Sachin Tendulkar for the young kids to learn the basics of cricket is an effort worth appreciating.

Sachin too must be credited, for taking out time and giving his 100 per cent commitment towards Unacademy Icons as this clearly reflected in the series so far. 

Unacademy Icons begins with Sachin Tendulkar imparting the Basics of Cricket to millions of learners who tune into Unacademy for their future. The lessons have been divided into 31 chapters or videos, that give a great deal of insight as to how someone who wants to take up cricket should think and act about.

The episode division is crisp and precise and Unacademy and Sachin have ensured that despite being crisp and precise, they do not miss out on even the slightest of details. From the selection of the bat to maintaining body balance and getting ready for an actual match, Unacademy and Sachin have ensured that they provide the learners with inch-precise details.

The use of Graphics and Text in tandem while Sachin’s presentation runs behind, adds another layer to the episodes which help the viewer emphasize what is being said. In every episode, Master Blaster first begins by explaining the Cricket Glossary that he speaks about in each episode.

Once the definition is set, Sachin keeps no stone unturned to help the learner get insights into not only how a player adapts to different situations physically, but he quite beautifully shares the mental aspect too. Throughout the episode, Sachin keeps on emphasizing the focal point of discussion so that the learners do not deviate.

Towards, the end of each episode, the highlights of the episode pop up which helps in revising the entire module that has been explained thus far. The quiz section at the end of each episode is the cherry on the cake as it not only keeps the learners inclined throughout the entire episode but also tests their knowledge as to how clearly the message has been passed on.

The cricket glossary which has been used throughout the series has been spot on as apart from learning the practical aspects of the game, it is also very important to comprehend the game theoretically, a feat which is impossible to achieve if a learner is not swift through Cricket Glossary.

Sachin is shown in a natural habitat, imparting wisdom to the viewers. This enhances the connectivity between the viewer and Sachin himself.

Critical Analysis- Some aspects could have been enhanced which in turn would have ensured a better connection between the viewers and the mission. The use of more personal anecdotes from Sachin’s playing days and the use of a more natural environment would have added to the essence of the series. The Hindi dubbing seems a bit robotic and could have been worked upon.

Verdict- All in all, Unacademy has come up with a brilliant strategy to bridge the gap between learners and experts. There couldn’t have been a better start to the campaign with The God of Cricket himself coming onboards. Sachin Tendulkar, as always, has smashed it with his knowledge and his calmness in delivering such great insights in a comprehensive manner. 

All in all, we would definitely recommend all the young minds who want to take up cricket in life, to watch or learn values in life to watch Unacademy Icons and grasp as much as they possibly can. Sachin Tendulkar teaching you Cricket is a chance to grab. DO NOT MISS OUT!!