Watch: Marcus Stoinis In Danger After Imitating Tom Curran's Controversial Pitch-Side Warm Up In BBL 2023

Published - 24 Dec 2023, 05:35 PM | Updated - 24 Dec 2023, 05:36 PM

Marcus Stoinis
Marcus Stoinis (Credits: Twitter)

A video of Australian All-Rounder and Melbourne Stars Captain Marcus Stoinis is doing the rounds on X (Twitter) for imitating the controversial pitch side run-up by Sydney Sixers’ English pacer Tom Curran which led the Australian Cricket Board to hand him a 4-match ban in Big Bash League 2023-24.

On Monday, December 11 before the Sydney Sixers’ clash against Hobart Hurricanes at the University of Tasmania Stadium, England pacer Tom Curran was seen doing a pitch side warm-up in which he also ended up stepping into the pitch with his spikes on.

Going by the rule books, no members of the team other than the Captain and Head Coach are allowed to inspect or come near the 22-yard track. Seeing Curran doing his run-up, BBL Umpire Muhammad Quereshi who was present at the moment asked him to stop getting near the pitch and stood inside the popping crease in alignment to the stumps.

Quereshi did so in an attempt to stop Curran from standing over the pitch but the latter instead chose to continue his run-up, almost colliding with the Umpire before just grazing past his shoulders. After that, both of them were seen exchanging a few words with the Englishman also abusing Quereshi for not letting him do his “Pre-match ritual” to get into rhythm.

As a result of the altercation in Tasmania, Cricket Australia looked into the matter and decided to hand Curran a 4-match ban which was also challenged by the Sydney Sixers management but the verdict remained against the 2nd-placed team in Big Bash League 2023.

And now, days after that incident, Australian All-Rounder, the Big Marcus Stoinis was seen doing the same run-up on the sidelines of the pitch, almost as if mocking Tom Curran. The video was uploaded by Australian Journalist Tom Decent with a caption that read – “Just a clip to show that during this year’s Big Bash there have been instances of players doing run-throughs on the pitch before a game.”

Will Cricket Australia Now Take Action Against Marcus Stoinis For Mocking Tom Curran?

The video of Marcus Stoinis doing the pitch run-through is receiving mixed reactions from fans on Social media. But for those wondering if Stoinis too will be handed a ban like Tom Curran then it is very unlikely to happen.

Technically, (as mentioned above as well) Only Captains and Head Coaches of teams are allowed to be present near the pitch area for inspection but not actually for a run-up.

Marcus Stoinis is the Skipper of Melbourne Stars, therefore he had the green light from the Umpires to be at the pitch-side. And the interesting part is, an Umpire was also present at the scene when Marcus Stoinis ran through the pitch but whether or not an action will be taken is yet to be determined.

Moreover, Tom Curran was not just banned for running through the pitch but he was also reprimanded by Cricket Australia for disrespecting an official which Curran admitted to as well. Marcus Stoinis has not abused or disrespected any umpire but for sure has violated the rule of entering the pitch as part of pre-match preparations.

It will be interesting to see what Cricket Australia does now to one of its players. Will they ban him or will they just let it go?