We’re Hoping For Turning Pitches: Eoin Morgan Wants England To Improve While Playing On Bowler-Friendly Tracks

We’re Hoping For Turning Pitches: Eoin Morgan Wants England To Improve While Playing On Bowler-Friendly Tracks

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England white-ball captain Eoin Morgan had reckoned that the pitches in the upcoming five-match T20I series against India would aid spinners; a challenge that he is looking forward to as part of his teams’ preparation for the T20 World Cup which is scheduled for later this year.

There were a lot of talks regarding the nature of pitches dished out in the recent Test series given the fact that they aided spinners from the very first session.

While Morgan doesn’t expect the same kind of tracks to be rolled out for the T20Is, he is looking forward to the challenge of playing on tracks that aren’t absolutely flat as it helps his team to acclimatize to the conditions that they are likely to face in the T20 World Cup.

Morgan said that while England is a gun side on flat tracks, they still need to improve on pitches that offer something to the bowlers and the five-match T20I series against a powerful Indian team will provide them the ideal opportunity.

“We’ve been in great form in T20 cricket. We’ve had some confidence along the way and picked up some serious wins over the last two years, which is great. But also we need to develop our game and go into a World Cup with as few weaknesses as possible. I think having the strongest squad available to us, which doesn’t really happen that often, allows us to play around with any plans we might foresee using in the World Cup as well,” Eoin Morgan was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

“I wouldn’t say we’re hoping for similar pitches to the Test series. I’d say we’re hoping for turning pitches. We know when we play on a really flat surface, our batting department is equipped, our bowling department is still learning and it’s more challenging the better the wicket we play on. But in low-scoring T20 games we do need to get better, so we’re looking forward to the challenge,” he added.

Eoin Morgan
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Speaking further about the pitches that he is expecting in the T20I rubber and how his team needs to adapt while playing in low-scoring fixtures, Eoin Morgan said-

“Day four or fay five-Test pitches aren’t going to be ideal playing a T20 game on, but a turning pitch like we witnessed in 2016 – where 120 plays 90; very low-scoring games in this day and age – it’s an area we need more experience in because we’ve not played in a lot of games like that.” Morgan said.

“Would we welcome the learning experience that extreme conditions could bring? Yes. It’s not the sole purpose for being here, but we are going to use it that way. I think this tour is going to be a challenge for everybody – batting, bowling, and fielding – but one that we’re really looking forward to,” he added.

The five-match T20I series between India and England will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad from March 12.

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