Why KL Rahul is the Best Option for the IPL’s Lucknow Franchise?

KL Rahul India vs WI
Photo Credit: (BCCI)

IPL Lucknow Franchise’s new signing KL Rahul is certainly the best cricketer the club has been able to sign this season. Most Indian cricket fans get inspiration from the cricketer thanks to his superb and outstanding skills of batting, fielding, and wicket-keeping.

He has primarily been a batsman although he has managed to transform himself from an occasional wicket-keeper to a reliable wicket-keeper batsman. KL Rahul is unlike most other cricket players who may only be specialized in just one task on the pitch. He has proved to be able to take almost any task on the pitch and do it effortlessly.

He entered the game of cricket with a whole set of bowling skills making him a highly flexible cricket player for the Indian cricket team. He also got another extraordinary ability to guide the ball wherever he wants. This is thanks to his superb and perfect timing ability. It is important to realize that being able to become a great timer in the game of cricket takes lots of effort and training.

What to expect from KL Rahul in his new role at his new club Lucknow Super Giants

There are so many reasons why IPL team Lucknow Super Giants have settled on KL Rahul as their captain for the Indian Premier League. According to Gautam Ghambit, Rahul has shown that he is not only a player but also a leader. Besides, he led the Indian team on their recent tour of South Africa.

Over his previous stints with his former team Punjab, he has shown consistency in his performance on the pitch. He has also exhibited great batting ability that will obviously come in handy for his new team.

Rahul is still work in progress and will definitely become the best captain for the Lucknow Super Giants in their coming tournament. He is still young, energetic and highly skilled in batting and fielding. He is going to be the gem for the new team because age is certainly on his side. At just 29 years old, he still has 5-6 years left to be a productive cricket player.

Betting on a cricket match

Cricket is one of the oldest games that date back to the 18th century in England. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, it offers the perfect opportunity for punters to bet on. You will learn some tips and tricks that are involved in cricket betting in this piece just keep reading to find out more.

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The various types of cricket betting

  • Match betting – the most common cricket betting is the match-betting bet. It is usually a straightforward bet that requires you to pick from three varied outcomes of the match. You have the choice to pick the home team win, away team win or if the match ends in a draw.
  • Tied match – This is yet another straightforward cricket match betting. In this wager, you merely bet a yes or no if you are of the opinion that the match will end in a tie. Should the match end in a tie, you win the bet!
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Other types of cricket bets

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