WTC Final 2021: Controlled Aggression Helps And Takes Him Forward Reckons Jasprit Bumrah

WTC Final 2021: Controlled Aggression Helps And Takes Him Forward Reckons Jasprit Bumrah

India, ICC World Test Championship
Jasprit Bumrah. Image Credits: Twitter

The Indian pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah has revealed the reason behind his calm approach in the ground and how he has been channelizing his aggression for the betterment of his game. Bumrah is one of the best bowlers going around in the world at the moment in all formats and he has been a match-winner so far with his pace and seam movement.

Bumrah hits the hard lengths at most times and doesn’t bowl those loose deliveries often which makes him very successful in all formats. He has had a unique action that has troubled a lot of batsmen in the world and he is already a great asset for India with his game-changing ability.

Jasprit Bumrah (BCCI)
Jasprit Bumrah (BCCI)

Jasprit Bumrah Reveals The Mantra Behind His Success

It is very hard to see Jasprit Bumrah having a chat with the batsman to pump him up or showing out angry emotions. Bumrah stated that he has able to channelize his anger in the latter part of his career as he understood that getting angry might not improve his game. He recollected the way he used to do all sorts of gimmicks in anger against the batsmen in his younger days.

“So basically what I try to do is, I channelize my anger. When I started as a youngster, I used to get angry left, right, and center and I used to do all types of gimmicks which didn’t really help my game a lot,” Jasprit Bumrah said.

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah (Image Credit: Twitter)

“The Fire Inside Is Burning All The Time” – Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah mentioned how he adapted to international cricket very quickly with his hunger and fire inside and always had a smile on his face. He added that he doesn’t try to show his fire inside all the time and stressed about having controlled aggression which has brought the best out of him so far.

“So over the years played a lot of international cricket, released what works for me. So I am smiling but the fire inside is burning all the time. I don’t try to show it all the time but this is the way that helps me to succeed and with that controlled aggression I try to take my game forward,” he added.

Cricketer, Jasprit Bumrah, Salman Butt
Jasprit Bumrah [Image-Getty]
Jasprit Bumrah will have to pull up his socks soon to better his bowling efforts so far in the ICC World Test Championship finals