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There have been many instances when streakers have invaded the cricket ground. The act of running naked through a public place as a prank, dare or an act of protest is called streaking. The gentlemen game has seen many instances when someone from the crowd has played the spoilsport.

Subsequently, we have seen the security officials have chased down the streaker to get them out of the ground. In fact, the streakers have been able to breach the security to enter the ground. Furthermore, some of them have come up with a controversial message.

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Here are the ten instances when streakers have entered the ground.

10. Australia vs India – Brisbane, 2008.

An Australian streaker entered the ground in Australia’s batting innings. When the security official ran towards the streaker to catch him, the streaker started moving towards Australia’s batsman Andrew Symonds. Symonds shouldered the streaker and he got down to the ground after the collision.

Australia was tottering at 33-4 at that stage and had to chase 259 runs to win the match.

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