4 reasons why Virat Kohli got success in India's tour of England 2018

4 reasons why Virat Kohli got success in India’s tour of England 2018

Virat Kohli, England vs India
Virat Kohli (Credits - Getty)

Is Virat Kohli’s success in England because of hard work and discipline? If you are in a section of people saying YES, Do you mean Virat Kohli isn’t talented? More than the hard work and the talent, Virat Kohli has something unique self which is leading him in a successful way.

Meanwhile, so far in his career, Virat Kohli has experienced bitter-sweet moments in his tours to England. The first one was literally a big black spot on his career while the second and the recent one brought him a huge respect across the globe. We figured out 4 reasons which played a key role in Kohli’s success in England.

Here are the 4 reasons:

4. Playing inside the line:

Comparing to the earlier Virat Kohli who toured to England in 2014 to the latest, one can find him dealing the outswingers superlatively. He has been brilliant in controlling himself for playing those booming drives outside the lines.

Virat Kohli, England, India
Virat Kohli (Image Courtesy: Getty)

Even James Anderson, the experienced campaigner who can easily get the better of batsman’s weakness found it difficult to get an edge from Virat’s willow. Kohli’s exceptional patience to leave the outside off stump deliveries laid him a good platform to score runs for India.

In 2014, Virat Kohli’s dismissals came when he went after Anderson’s outswingers. He ended up nicking it behind the stumps to give the catching practice for the England fielders.

However, Virat’s change in batting approach to the outswingers and the quality defence while playing the inswingers is one of his factors to attain success in India’s tour of England 2018.

3. Adjusting his Gaurd:

Aggressive Indian also made a shuffling to his batting guard. Earlier, he used to take the leg stump Gaurd which made him go after the deliveries that are closer to the fourth stump.

Virat Kohli, england
Virat Kohli while driving through cover point. (PC – Getty Images)

Especially, when you are playing in England, the primary thing to be in batsman mind is their off stump. A batsman should be top-notch while leaving the deliveries that are away from the stumps.

Virat Kohli, who used to take leg-stump erred while leaving the delivery in his 2014 tour. His poor judgement let the ball pegging away the off-stump for a roll. However, he made a quality adjustment.

Now, he is standing at the middle-stump and leaving the balls with utmost confidence as well. Probably, it made a huge difference in his batting approach.

2. Playing outside the crease and positive footwork:

If you are the close observer of Virat Kohli, you might have figured out the Indian skipper standing outside the crease. Earlier, Virat Kohli used to stand inside the line with a leg-stump Gaurd which is the basis for an Indian player.

England vs India 2018, Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli stood tall for India. (Credits – AFP)

But, the England climate demands the batsman to adjust his batting style altogether. Virat Kohli, who is staying away from the crease is tackling the swing with utmost confidence and also ruling out the possibility of being LBW.

Though Virat was trapped LBW in a couple of occasions, those were the gem of the deliveries from Englishmen. Adding to the adjustment, the positive footwork from Kohli has been a massive difference.

Virat Kohli confidently used his feet to flourish those crispy cover drives and his trademark flicks. He was also spot on with the bouncers and nailed those square-drives whenever they are on offer.

1. Change in mindset:

The major difference has been the change in mindset. Initially, in 2014, Virat Kohli was a newbie in the Test circuit and was touring for the first time to England. During the time, he was also very new to those Duke balls as well.

Virat Kohli, England
Virat Kohli registers two centuries in England. Credits: Getty

Coming to the current scenario, Kohli walked to England on the back of huge tallies in his kitty. He also toured England with the tag of ”Best batsman in the world” and also got the support of English fans which he attained in the recent past.

Meanwhile, he was also shown as the demonstration piece for the English countries. All importantly, this time, Virat Kohli toured England as the skipper of India with a change in batting approach as well.

All those things coupled with the hard work and perseverance in the nets helped Virat Kohli overcome the problems that he faced in his earlier tour to England.


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