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Records are meant to be broken in any format of cricket. At one time 200 in ODI was an impossible feat to achieve but batting great Sachin Tendulkar converted the impossible to possible. He scored the first-ever double century against South Africa in ODI cricket. Many have followed him since then with countrymen Rohit Sharma leading the pack with three double hundred. The next possible landmark in sight for the batsmen in the 300-run barrier in ODI cricket.

With time and introduction of T20 cricket, the ODI cricket has gone into a big makeover. The team scores have taken an upward swing while batters and bowlers are touching new horizon day by day. There was a time when scoring 250+ totals were considered to difficult to chase. But things have changed, and now the batsmen have made a habit of scoring double hundreds. Several batsmen in the modern era have the capability of touching a 300-run milestone in the near future.

Here are the five batsmen who can score 300 runs in ODI cricket:

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David Warner. Credit: Getty Images.

David Warner has revived the style of batting in modern-day cricket. He has approached every format in the same manner with his aggressive style of batting. Post the suspension period, Warner has bounced back strong than ever and has looked determined to redeem himself in the future.

The Aussie has a happy knack of playing big innings, and once he sets his eyes in, the job for the opposition bowlers become really tough. With his ability to score run at any point of the game, Warner can certainly break every record and play a 300-run innings in the ODIs.

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