5 Best Scores In An Innings By A Nightwatchman

Five Best Scores In An Innings By A Nightwatchman

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Test cricket is the primary form of gentleman’s game that goes on for five-days with at least two innings in a single match. With the game going on for a longer duration, teams have to plan their batting squads to score maximum runs with minimum damage at the end of the day. And in order to do so, many times the batting side calls in a lower-order batsman.

Such cricketers are known as the nightwatchman who as the term suggests, had to guard the wickets for the next day.

However, many times the nightwatchman turns to be the unexpected life saviour for the teams. Not only do they maintain the strike but they also add ample scores for their teams.

Here is the list of the best five scores compiled by a nightwatchman in an innings.

Five best scores in an innings by a Nightwatchman:

Syed Kirmani – 101*

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Syed Kirmani is the former Indian cricketer who scored the fifth-best runs as a night watchman in an innings in Test. Although he had to sit by the sides of the ground for most his cricket career, Kirmani was awarded as the best wicketkeeper in the 1983 World Cup.

The wicketkeeper-batsman was also dropped from the 1979 World Cup. However, Kirmani was back in the team for the series against Australia in 1979-80. He knocked a hundred as a nightwatchman in Bombay.

Kirmani remained unbeaten at 101 in the first innings of the 6th Test that India won by an innings and 100 runs.

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