5 Cricketers Who Had Encounter With Ghosts

5 Cricketers Who Had Encounter With Ghosts

Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad (Credits - Getty)
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Cricketers are one of the most prominent figures as of today. Hence, even a little piece of news spreads pretty much like wildfire in a matter of seconds. Some of the most captivating stories of the lot emerge from the cricketers’ hotel rooms too and not only the dressing rooms or the field.

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But how about some of the spooky experiences the players have had while staying in their hotel rooms. While it might prove interesting for the media, it can unsettle the cricketers and their mindset amid a crucial series. That, in turn, can also interfere with the rest of the squad’s thought process and distract them from achieving their goal.

We take a look at five instances when cricketers met ghosts in their hotel rooms:

Shane Watson:

Shane Watson, T10 Cricket
Shane Watson in action. (credits – Getty)

Shane Watson’s rendezvous with a potential ghost came along when Australia played the hosts England and Bangladesh in an ODI tri-series. The Australian squad stayed at the Lumley Castle Hotel in Chester-Le-Street. It was on the 22nd of June that Shane Watson felt mentally frayed.

They were narrated an alibi of an owner of a manor, who passed away under mysterious circumstances. The same left Watson entirely unsettled. Australian team’s media officer confirmed the narrative from the all-rounder, having confessed to having seen the ghosts.

I saw ghosts. I swear I’m telling the truth. Several of the players were uneasy although a lot of them in the morning said they were fine … but maybe they were just trying to be brave,” Belinda Dennett mentioned.

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