Cricketers,5 Prominent Cricketers Who Went Against The Wishes Of Their Families
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Sports is in art, and not many people value artistry when it is in its initial phase. However, when things look to fall in place with time, all those people who initially doubted its completion, make up their mind. An artist is generally opposed by his/her family itself, let alone other people. Same goes with sports and sportspersons.

Talking about cricket and cricketers, there have been numerous examples of the superstars of cricket who were initially opposed by their families, but they were defiant enough to prove the skill they had. Eventually, they succeeded in establishing their point as these players were determined to achieve what they sought and turned foes into friends with their talent.

5 cricketers who defied their families and took up the sport
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Today, we take a look at the five cricketers who had the passion for proving everybody wrong with their potential and budding cricketers can draw a lot of inspiration from these superstars.

5 Famous Cricketers Who Defied Their Families And Took Up The Sport

Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay | Tamil Nadu
Murali Vijay. Credit: Getty Images

Murali Vijay was never an illustrious student during his childhood. He wasn’t really good in studies, and he didn’t want to dig deeper into academics. He disliked academics so much so that he even missed his board examinations.

Seeing his lacklustre attitude, Murali’s parents asked him to look for a job if he didn’t want to continue his studies. It raged Vijay, and he left home at a very early age to pursue a career in cricket. Slowly and gradually, things turned around as he rose through the ranks and represented his state. He eventually had the opportunity to become one of those cricketers who have represented the nation.

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