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Mohit Sharma (Source: Twitter)
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Playing for India at the World Cup is an honour that few cricketers are able to achieve in their respective careers. The World Cup is considered as the pinnacle of all tournaments in international cricket, and therefore, players who have been able to represent their country at the biggest stage should be very proud of their exploits.

The first cricket World Cup was played in 1975, and since then, various cricketers have gone on to become legends, on the back of their performances at the global spectacle. Of these legendary players, many players are from Team India as well.

However, there are some players, who did play at the ICC World Cups, but they were suddenly dropped from the national team, and since then, they’ve become completely anonymous.

Here are five cricketers who played for India at the World Cup, but disappeared into obscurity later:

5) Salil Ankola – 1996 World Cup

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Salil Ankola (Source: Twitter)

Few people know that actor Salil Ankola actually played for India at the World Cup, in 1996. He is better known for his second innings, as Salil took up acting, after having left out of the national team post the World Cup.

The 52-year-old made his debut in 1989 and playing the majority of his cricket alongside fellow great Sachin Tendulkar. Salil did represent India at the 1996 spectacle but disappeared into obscurity at least in terms of his playing career.

He struggled to leave a lasting impression at the big stage, and in 1997, he started his acting career and was a part of popular shows such as ‘Big Boss’ and ‘Ssshhhh…Koi Hai’.

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