5 Father-Son Pairs Who've Featured In The Same Cricket Match
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It is seen in many fields that a son looks forward to making a career in the same field, taking inspiration from the kind of position his father has achieved. In the same way in cricket, there have been father-son duos wherein, following the footsteps of a father, a son has also made his career in cricket.

Following the footsteps of his father, there have been many sons in cricket history who fulfilled their dream of becoming a cricketer. Out of these, today we introduce to you the father-son duo in cricket history who played some matches together for the same team. So let’s look at those 5 father-son pairs.

Father-Son Duo: 5 Pairs Who Have Featured In The Same Match

1. Lala Amarnath-Surinder Amarnath

Lala-and-Surinder-Amarnath Father-Son duo

Who does not know Lala Amarnath, one of the oldest players in Indian cricket history today! Lala Amarnath made his debut for India in 1933. Lala played a total of 24 Test matches for India.

After this, his son Surinder Amarnath also managed to play for India. Surinder Amarnath played a total of 10 Test matches for India. But the most special moment of their careers came when, in the year 1963, both father Lala and son Surinder went to play in a match.

The match was played in Mumbai for charity, where 52-year-old Lala also took to the field, while his 15-year-old son also played for the first time.

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